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101 guide on ear pinning surgery

Many people might not even know what ear pinning is, because they are not accustomed with medical terms. But when you are not happy with the form of your ears or with the way they look, you want to do something to improve your look, and the only option you have is to consult a plastic surgeon. Ear pinning or otoplasty is the name given to the surgery of setting prominent ears closer to your head or reducing their size in case they are too big. In the majority of cases ear pinning London is done to children who are between 4 and 14 years old. But in case your parents have not considered this intervention while you were a child, you might want to do it now. Even if it is recommended to have this surgery as a child, for avoiding bulling, there are no additional risks if you choose to have the surgery when you are an adult. Here are the main details you should know, before heading to the doctor’s office.

101 guide on ear pinning surgery

Consider hiring a qualified surgeon

As any surgery this one has its risks, but if you choose to collaborate with a qualified plastic surgeon, who has experience in this domain you do not have to worry that you would experience any complications. Actually, this type of intervention is considered having minor or no complications, and the risks are associated with no respecting the doctor’s instruction for the post-surgery period. Therefore, you should choose carefully your surgeon, and do the surgery at a well-known clinic as Centre for Surgery, if you want to avoid complications.

Surgery on children

If your child is dealing with this issue, and you consider that this surgery is the best option for him or her, you should stay alert to his or her feelings, because you do not have to insist with the change. The suggestion should come from their part, because if they feel uncomfortable with the look of their ears they would definitely ask you to support them in doing the surgery and they would be more cooperative during the procedure. Also, it is important for the child to want it, because only in this way they would follow the surgeon’s instruction both in the pre and post-surgery period.

Recovery period

This is the type of intervention that would not affect the quality of your life, and your activities. You would recover in a couple of hours after the surgery, but in case the doctor considers that you are not fully recovered, they might decide to keep you overnight in hospital. This case is more common for children, because they have to be sure that the effects of general anaesthesia are totally worn off. In the following days after the surgery, your head would be wrapped in a bandage, but the doctor would remove the stitches in about a week. It is recommended to avoid any activity that would make your ears bent in the following month, so you have to take care because you can influence the results of the surgery.


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