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Best Mattresses for Soothing Back Pains

The belief that a hard mattress is best for back pain is no longer valid and studies have shown that mattresses should be not too hard and not too soft in order to assure a proper posture during the sleep and to keep your muscles relaxed. If you often struggle with back pain and they intensify after getting out of bed, it is likely that your mattress is causing your back more harm than good and you should consider replacing it with a more comfortable one. Find out which are the best mattresses for soothing your back pains and discover what it feels like waking up rested and relaxed.
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Choose a mattress that sustains your body

The mattress should sustain your weight and follow the natural curves of your body in the are of your neck, shoulders and hips. A good mattress is anatomically designed to keep your spine in a straight line no matter which sleeping position you prefer, whether you want to skip on a side, on the back or on your belly. The memory foam mattresses are believed to be the most supportive, as the foam fits the shape of your body and sustains your weight in any position, but the innerspring mattresses are also efficient in sustaining a good posture.
Best Mattresses for Soothing Back Pains Picture Best Mattresses for Soothing Back Pains Picture

Replace the worn-out bed spring

Not only the mattress should support your body, but the foundation underneath it as well if you want to wake up without feeling any back pain. A solid foundation or a box spring hold the mattress in position better than a worn-out bed spring that curves under your weight, so keep this aspect in mind when you consider changing your mattress.

Opt for clean and airy fabrics

A clean mattress that helps you breathe throughout the night and protect you from allergies will reduce the movement while you sleep and will promote a healthy back. Mattresses made of organic cotton, wool or natural latex are airy, anti-allergenic and soft to the skin, thus they will help you rest better and wake up without any back pains or tension in the neck area.
Best Mattresses for Soothing Back Pains Picture Best Mattresses for Soothing Back Pains Picture

When should you change your mattress

The average lifespan of a mattress is around five years, but it depends on the type of mattress and the quality of the materials it is made of, both on the inside and on the outside. If your mattress starts sagging in the middle and it is no longer providing comfort, it is probably time you replace it with a new one. Putting boards underneath the old mattress to keep it from sagging is only a short-term solution and a new mattress will soon become a must. Keep in mind that you spend many hours lying on it and it should help you relax, get a good sleep and wake up without feeling back or neck pain, therefore having a good mattress is an important part of feeling good.

Finding a good mattress in an important part of the bedroom remodelling project. Nevertheless, if you suffer from back pains, this mission becomes even more important and more difficult to complete. The mattress market is very hard to navigate which is why we advise you to read some good mattress reviews. On bestmattress.guru, you can find some very comprehensive articles which feature the pros and cons of different types of mattresses.

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