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Best Places to Visit with Your Loved One

If you are in love, you most definitely want you and your partner to visit romantic destinations filled with places and activities that bring the two of you closer and that offer you wonderful memories. In order to find the most romantic places to visit in the world, we read a lot of travel guides. We found that the travel guides presented on www.placestovisit.tips were the most concise and informative. Based on those travel guides, we managed to make a list of the most romantic travel destinations.  These romantic places will be great for sharing your deepest feelings in a loving décor that will strengthen your love. So, pack your bags and enjoy a trip to a gorgeous romantic place for you and your loved one.
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The Maldives

When you say exotic island, you say sun, beaches, laying on the sand and sharing a cold cocktail with your partner. What could be more romantic than that? The Maldives know what you and your loved one need and is offering you everything, from fabulous beaches surrounded by palm trees and crystal-clear water to relaxing spa resorts and snorkeling and diving activities you can share. Enjoy a mesmerizing sunset on the golden sand and revive your love on the dazzling shore.


If you choose to go to Ushuaia, you will literally take your loved one to the end of the world because this is the southernmost city in the world. Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse will offer you and your partner a new perspective on life and your relationship and will become the beginning of what you want to be as a couple. As for Buenos Aires, it will quickly sweep you off your feet with its colorful life and diverse culture. Have a picnic or a long walk in the parks or dance the night away at Rojo Tango, a famous, and elegant bar.
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The Italian Riviera

The Italian Riviera is divided into the more rustic Riviera di Ponente in the west, where you can enjoy the nightlife and beaches, and the Riviera di Levante in the east, that enchants you with breathtaking views and romantic ambiance.


Take you partner on a trip in time and visit the wonderful ruins of the city of Fez, Morocco. The medieval streets, the historical sites, and the colorful covered markets will delight your senses. Pass through the Medina Square, visit the Temple of Saturn and discover the wonderful places designed by ancient kings.
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Greek Islands

One of the most popular destinations for honeymooners is the Greek Isles that offer you and your loved one shiny turquoise waters, soft beaches with white sand, bright sun and delicious food, enough to satisfy any taste. The most famous of the islands is Santorini, a delightful destination with white stone cliffs and gorgeous sunsets, just perfect for a romantic getaway.

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