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Best Rated Massage Chairs with Chromotherapy

We all need a way to relax after we get home from work, and to relieve our body and mind from the stress that we accumulated during the day. Having a massage chair in your home is the best investment for your comfort and your well being, because you get the ultimate relaxation experience with it. In addition, it’s extremely helpful for those who suffer from back pains, and it helps in relieving muscle tension as well. If you peruse some reviews on massagechair.best, you will discover that the latest massage chairs are so sophisticated and have so many features, that they provide a terrific experience, way beyond a plain massage.

Certain massage chairs have the chromotherapy feature, which is an alternative medicine method that balances the energy that a person lacks by using light in the form of color. In chromotherapy, the color red is used for the base of the spine, orange is used for the genitals and the lower abdomen, yellow is used for the solar plexus, green for the heart, blue for the throat, indigo for the middle of the forehead, and violet for the crown of the head. Read the following lines and choose one of these best models available to make sure that the massage chair you are buying is top quality if you want to buy a massage chair with chromotherapy to get rid of all your problems for the time you get to spend in it.
Best Rated Massage Chairs with Chromotherapy Picture Best Rated Massage Chairs with Chromotherapy Picture

Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer D

The Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer D comes at the price of $8000, and it’s obvious that it offers great performance for the money you spend on it. It’s a zero gravity massage chair that has chromotherapy lights, 10 automatic programs, 48 air bags, foot rollers, 16 levels of intensity, an MP3 player connection without vibration, and a full computer body and leg scan. It weighs 265 pounds, therefore be prepared to call in some friends to help you move this massage chair to place it where you want, and its dimensions are 72 inches in height, 36 inches in width, and 52 inches in depth.
Best Rated Massage Chairs with Chromotherapy Picture Best Rated Massage Chairs with Chromotherapy Picture

Osaki OS-3000 Chiro

The OS-3000 Chiro massage chair from Osaki is more convenient than the previous model we talked about when it comes to its price, costing $5000. Just like the Osaki OS-3D, this model has chromotherapy lights, therefore it’s the perfect choice if you are interested in using this feature. It’s covered with stylish and comfortable synthetic leather, it’s designed to automatically detect your body curve and to adjust itself to bring you the best experience possible, it has automatic massage for the upper and lower body, it has a zero gravity design, and it has six unique automatic programs, which are Healthcare, Therapy, Circulation, Relax, Demo, and Smart.

If you want to further compare the prices and the features

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