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Best Stair Lifts For Seniors

Mobility problems deprive seniors of many normal activities that we take for granted. When we are not able to go up and down the stairs our sense of autonomy is simply lost. It’s the same for seniors. That’s why a stair lift is often the best solution in these cases. The amazing features will provide good support for seniors. The best stair lifts available on the market are able to prevent any risk of falling and provide easy access from one floor to another without going up the stairs.
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Things to look for when buying a stair lift

We advise you to take the time to compare different offers from specialized companies. Do not hesitate to ask for multiple opinions in order to have a complete view of costs and functions. When purchasing a good stair lift for seniors, you must consider:

  • The different types of stair lifts
  • The costs of buying and installing
  • The available features

Types of stair lifts

There are 2 types of stair lifts: straight and curved stair lifts. Depending on the arrangement of a staircase and its size, you can find a suitable product. You must consider other aspects before purchasing a stair lift: comfort, the presence of a seat belt. There is also an option to lock the stair lift when the user wants to get up or sit down. Other options are obstacle detection or stop emergency. There are different options often required for optimal use as a platform lift.


For a basic stair lift, that is to say when the staircase is straight, it mainly costs $2000. If want to invest in a curved stair lift the price can go from $5000 to $9000 or even $15.000. Often estimate can be made only after the passage of a specialized technician. The latter has indeed need to assess the amount of work according to the existing staircase. The price of a stair lift varies on the type of stair lift you wish to buy (curved, straight), the configuration of the stairwell: number of storeys, height, presence of obstacles and other technical functions.

Functions and features

The chair stair lift is attached to a rail along which it will slide through the engine located under the seat.
Depending on the layout of your staircase and size, there is a suitable product with the provision in addition to several options: seat belt, lock option, obstacle detection, emergency stop, remote control.
When it comes to choosing the best stair lift look for other important factors, such as security, mobility, autonomy and prevention against falling.

Our recommendation: Acorn 120 Superglide Straight Stair lift

We read countless reviews in order to decide which is the best stair lift. We considered numerous websites, but we fount the most comprehensive information on beststairlift.reviews. It appears that the most satisfied stair lift users are the ones that use the Acorn stair lift.  Acorn is a trustworthy brand which produces several stair lift models. Among them, the Superglide model seems to be the best option. The Acorn 120 Superglide costs $2,495.54. It is an affordable stair lifts which has three main configurations: sit/stand, perch and outdoor use. Even though this stair lift has a light design, it is able to carry approximately 350 pounds. Also, the Superglide has all the standard safety measures and functions, so not only you will feel safe but also you have full control of its functions. Some of its functions include: seat belt, padded seat and backrest, easy-to-use remote control operation, lockable swivel seat, safety cut-out sensors, digital operation and a lifetime warranty.

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