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Cancun underwater museum – a rare international attraction

When it comes to beach resorts, Cancun is undoubtedly one of the most popular places in the world. Annually, millions of tourists come here from different corners of the world, attracted by the breathtaking landscapes, vivid nightlife and luxurious facilities. These are only some of the few reasons due to which the city represents a top destination, but what few people actually know the rich cultural background. Thousands of years ago, the island, located in the Caribbean archipelago, was inhabited by the Mayans, an eccentric and rare civilization that has influenced a lot the evolution of the whole region. Besides the mystery offered by the remains of this amazing culture (the ruins which can be visited by tourists), another unique attraction is the Underwater Museum of Cancun, a place that at first sight will seem surreal.

Cancun underwater museum - a rare international attraction

The museum represents an ensemble devoted to the Art of Conservation and consists in 500 sculptures. The founder of the museum is Jaime Gonzalez Canto, the director of the Marine Park, who wanted to create something truly unique and futuristic. The whole project was initiated in 2009 and the first pieces belonged to Jason deCaires Taylor, a British artist who was followed by five other Mexican sculptors of the Cancun National Marine Park. What is more, he even received international recognition for the innovating initiative of offering his work for this uncommon attraction. The sculptures are the ideal combination between modern arts and ecological sustainability, focusing on the development of the aquatic environment. Nowadays, the project is famous, and most Riviera Maya tours include snorkeling in the Underwater Museum. Its final form was obtained after four years of work, in 2013, and the museum is structured on three distinct galleries, situated between three and six meters underwater. Besides the aesthetical purpose, the project also aimed to draw tourists’ attention away from the coral reefs in the area, since the human influence had started to create considerable damage to this natural ecosystem. The museum represents the perfect alternative for those who want to see amazing things during diving, while also offering marine creatures an artificial ecosystem where they can develop and breed. In case you are passionate about aquatic sports, but also about culture and alternative art, then this museum will be exactly what you are looking for. The snorkel excursion will be an unforgettable experience, not only due to the artwork displayed, but also due to the surrounding species of plants and animals, belonging to the Caribbean Sea. Even if in the past, the same area was affected by strong storms, it has been restored and now hundreds of statues are waiting for their visitors.


As you can see, besides the astonishing natural beauties, the rich culture and the great services, Cancun also provides its tourists with a unique foray in the world of modern art. The wonderful sculptures are not only a must see, but also an element that raises awareness about the effects of humans on the aquatic wildlife and nature conservation.

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