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Clever ideas to organise your accessories

When it comes to fashion, women have many accessories. Whether they own shoes, bags, belts and jewels, they never seem to be enough. The problem begins when you do not have enough space to store them anymore. Although it seems to be an impossible mission to deposit all of them without using too much space, these clever ideas about how to organise your accessories will simplify things for you.

Clever ideas to organise your accessories.

Organza bags – a small but elegant storage space

Organza bags are perfect when you have to organise your jewels. You can put small or massive jewels inside them because their size is not standard. They are pretty and do not need too much space, as you can place them on a small hanger. As a tip, they are a good choice when you want to wrap an elegant gift like a ring, earrings or a fine necklace. You can find beautiful organza bags for sale available in different colours and sizes.

Intelligent ways to organise your belts

If you are tired of rolling your belts in order to place them into a drawer, there are smart alternatives which make your life easier. One of them is that you can put them on a hanger attached by a wall or a door. You can choose the size of the hanger and put as many belts as you need .Another tip is achieving a belt ring, and just pick whatever you need from it.

Various possibilities to deposit your bags

Women are crazy about bags and want to have more and more for different occasions. If you love bags and own many depositing them could be a problem. Fortunately, there are possibilities, which could help you find the right place for them. One alternative is to hang them on shower curtain hooks that you could place on your closet rod. Wine ranks are not only suitable for bottles. You can attach them on a wall and put purses on it. It is a practical and interesting way to store your purses. Alternatively, you can place your bags in boxes and put them on shelves.

Hats on walls

Hats are a nice and practical accessory, especially on a sunny day. However, you may not always find enough space to store them. A great idea is that you can hang them on a free wall of your house. It is practical, but it will also give a touch of colour to the walls of your house.  For caps, you can use hangers equipped with shower curtain rings that you can hang to.

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