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Cool Nursery Gadgets

The nursery room is the place where the baby stays once they arrive home and parents are doing their best to have it equipped with the latest and most useful gadgets that will keep the baby safe and comfortable. Here are some of the coolest nursery gadgets that provide safety, comfort, and entertainment for your baby.
Cool Nursery Gadgets Picture Cool Nursery Gadgets Picture

Indoor security camera

Your child’s safety is the most important aspect you have to take into account when you decorate the nursery and nothing can help you keep an eye on your baby like security cameras systems can. The Dropcam HD wireless video monitoring camera is easy to install and the images can be watched live on a smartphone or a computer. You can also store the images for later viewing and the included microphones and speakers allow you to communicate with other through the video camera. As you can see, security cameras systems are a lot more efficient than classic baby monitors.
Cool Nursery Gadgets Picture Cool Nursery Gadgets Picture

Duux nursery humidifier

No parents want to see their baby with a congested nose and dry nostrils and since you can not give decongestants to a small baby, the easiest way to help them breathe well is a humidifier. This cute device from Duux has a nice mushroom aspect that is not bulky and it perfectly fits the baby’s nursery. The soft mist created by this humidifier help ease the breathing and keeps the nose moist so that the baby will feel comfortable and relaxed. The humidifier is available on red and green and for older babies, you can even add aromatherapy oils to make breathing easier.
Cool Nursery Gadgets Picture Cool Nursery Gadgets Picture

Boon Glo night lamp

This strange-looking device is a lamp that features removable and safe-to-touch glowing balls that your baby can touch and play with while you change their diaper. The glowing balls come in a variety of colors like red, yellow, green, blue or purple so you can easily match the lamp to the nursery décor. The futuristic design is very attractive for the babies and the glowing balls are resistant to shocks so that the baby can even throw them away and there is no risk of breaking.
Cool Nursery Gadgets Picture Cool Nursery Gadgets Picture

Brookstone Tranquil Moments sound machine

Getting a baby to sleep is often a difficult chore that requires a lot of time and parents look for every mean that will help them complete this chore. Since babies are accustom to noises from the uterus, a machine that makes background sounds can help them achieve a restful sleep. There are devices that imitate the peaceful heartbeat noise and other noises that are louder, like a car sound, water running, birds singing, the wind or the rain.
Cool Nursery Gadgets Picture Cool Nursery Gadgets Picture

Munchkin Lulla-Vibe vibrating mattress pad

This cool gadget is a battery-powered pad that stays under the mattress in the crib and provides smooth vibrations that help the baby fall asleep. These gentle vibrations are similar to the ones the baby felt during the time they spend in their mummy’s belly and the fact that the movements are familiar helps the baby stay calm and fall asleep easily.

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