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Coping with hair loss – Wigs for cancer patients

Hair loss occurs in different health affections. However, it is mostly encountered by patients suffering from different forms of cancer. The main side effect of cancer treatments, hair loss, is a stress factor by itself. Radiotherapy and cancer drugs cause in different proportions hair loss. For instance, hair thinning until complete hair loss (which happens gradually, hair falling in clumps), occurs especially in patients following chemotherapy sessions. However, products like natural human hair wigs help these patients overcome the psychological impact of losing their hair. But let’s see exactly how wigs come in to help and what strategies patients can apply, for an easier transition.

Coping with hair loss - Wigs for cancer patients

Cutting your hair short before starting your therapy makes an easier transition

Many have found that the impact of hair loss is minimum if they cut their hair really short before starting their therapy.  This contributes a lot to getting used to when you see yourself with less to no hair. After starting your therapy, although you might start losing your hair, the impact won’t be so dramatic. Noticing clumps of hair on your pillow or in your shower drain have a massive negative psychological impact. Of course, your hair will fall anyhow, but because it will be short, you won’t notice it just as much. You will have to cover your head with a scarf in order to protect your scalp, or you could opt for a wig.

Types of wigs for cancer patients

There are two types of wigs on the market currently. One of them is made from synthetic fibres; it is low quality and does not look natural. Because of this reason, cancer patients tend to avoid them. The other option is a wig manufactured with care, possibly customisable, exclusively made from natural human hair. Although the first alternative is considerably cheaper than human hair wigs, they deteriorate easier, and are harder to maintain. They become frizzy easily and tend to lose their colour if exposed to sunlight. On the other hand, natural hair wigs for cancer patients have some qualities that make them the perfect alternative. Even though they are more expensive than synthetic ones, they preserve their perfect form for years, come in different styles and colours and are easily customisable so they perfectly resemble natural hairstyles. Cancer patients tend to choose these wigs because these producers and suppliers offer private services. Some of them even come to their client’s homes or hospitals, so they have more privacy in the process of having a wig created specifically to their preferences and personal style. These services are free of any charge.

How to deal with wearing a wig

You should have a positive attitude towards the prospect of wearing a wig. Most become more positive in their healing process and their mental state improves significantly. Because of this, you shouldn’t be reluctant when the time for your fittings come. Most probably, you will become used to wearing a wig shortly, and many claim that they forget about wearing one.

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