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Copper recycling benefits that will make you feel better about yourself

You have probably have heard it a thousand times before: recycling makes you feel better about yourself. But is this in fact true? The truth is that when you are doing a good gesture for the environment makes you feel good on the inside. Basically, you are making an effort that counts for something other than for making money. If you genuinely want to make a difference to the world, you should consider recycling scrap copper. At present, copper is in high demand and the need for copper will continue to increase as society becomes more industrially advanced. For the production of new copper a great deal of energy is used, not to mention that if it is not reused, old copper ends up in the landfills, thus causing waste. What you should do is contact scrapcopper.ca and turn over your scrap copper. The benefits of recycling copper are impressive.

Copper recycling benefits that will make you feel better about yourself

No more waste to the landfill

As mentioned before, is copper is not reclaimed it ends up in the landfills, where it is covered with earth. The issue is that copper takes up a considerable amount of space. While this may seem surprising, if you add up every small piece of copper, you will see that it is a lot. Landfills are already becoming saturated with copper and copper alloys, reason why it is much more expensive to dispose of waste this way. It is therefore necessary to make efforts in order to make sure that the waste does not end up in the environment anymore. Round up household items containing copper that you do not use anymore and take them to a recycling company.

Putting a stop to gas emissions

Processing copper is actually toxic for the environment. Despite the advanced technology, gases and fossil fuels manage to make their way into the air, thus causing pollution. The point is that extracting and processing copper results in a lot of gases into the air, namely the air that you are breathing. If you want to have guarantee that you or your family are breathing healthy air, recycle your scrap. Compared to refining, recycling is safer. No fumes are released in the atmosphere, not to mention that lesser energy is used in order to make new products.

Conservation of energy and natural resources

In order to produce new copper, about 100GJ/tonne energy is used. This sis astonishing taking into consideration that for recycling, about 85% less energy is used. It is clear that producing new copper requires a lot more energy, which is reason enough to reuse what is already here. The more energy that is used, the more coal, gas and oil are used. With recycling, there will be lesser need for these resources, which means that it decreases the impact on the environment.

The bottom line is that if you make an effort to recycle copper, you will have more than a good experience. The feeling of giving back to the world is truly unique. When something feels so right, it cannot be wrong.

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