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Creative ideas for a fantastic hen night

One of the most exciting moments for a bride and her bridesmaids is throwing the hen party: a memorable event where you’re saying goodbye to celibacy in the most epic way possible, surrounded by your girlfriends. However, while the hen night is all milk and honey for the bride, it can become a bit stressful for her maids, who have to put together the perfect event. If you don’t know where to start, check out these creative ideas for unforgettable hen nights in Newcastle. Remember, every bride is different and you have to choose the option that would make your friend the happiest.

Creative ideas for a fantastic hen night


A glamorous night

Sometimes, the best way to make the bride happy is to go all in on the glamour. This is a classic idea, but there’s a reason why it’s so popular. Brides love being spoiled, especially since the stress before the wedding day can be quite high. So, for this night, you will need to make reservations for a lounge at the hottest club in town and then book a night at a classy hotel in Newcastle. Champagne, a limo and matching bridesmaids outfits are a must, of course, so be sure to include them on your list.


Pamper day in

Not every bride is on board with a wild girl’s night out and some prefer something low key. For them, a relaxing and pampering day in is the right choice. Book a pampering session at your best local spa and don’t forget to include the massage! After spending a relaxing few hours there, you can come back home and have an old school pyjama party and sleepover with ice cream sundaes and rose wine.


Go camping

If the bride to be is an outdoorsy person and doesn’t feel very comfortable doing girly things, then organising a clubbing night isn’t the best idea. Instead, you can do something that she would enjoy, such as going camping. You don’t have to pick an extreme camping spot, because you’re supposed to have fun, so stick with a location she really likes. You can have walks during the day, throw a barbecue and then you can spend the night in a tend or around the camp fire.


Road trip with the girls

If you don’t mind driving for a few hours, a road trip is the perfect opportunity to have fun, see a new place and spend some quality time with the girls. Check out the biggest attractions near your city and get ready to drive there!

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