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Creative Kids Halloween Costumes

Halloween party is an opportunity for children to dress up and have some fun. Before going from door to door, the choice of costume is highly important. As every year, ghosts, demons and other witches will parade through the streets of your neighborhood. If you want to create the most original and fun costumes for your children, draw your inspiration from this article.
Creative Kids Halloween Costumes Picture Creative Kids Halloween Costumes Picture

Halloween costumes for girls

The number one costume choice for girls still remains the one of the witch. Whether dressed entirely in black or with some colorful pop of colors here and there, the witch costume will definitely delight your daughter. If the long nose and sharp hat have not been highly successful choices for your daughter, you can choose to dress her up as the Queen of hearts from Alice in Wonderland. The advantage of this costume is that there’s a great possibility of creativity. Another option: to become Miss pumpkin! This disguise is more colorful and lively, and it is suited for all little girls. You need an orange shirt and several wardrobe accessories. There are also special adhesives that can be removed from clothes when you wash them. This way, the shirt can still be worn after the Halloween party. If scary disguises are not something your daughter enjoys, you can always try to recreate a classic princess costume from a beloved fairy tale.

Halloween costumes for boys

This Halloween, there is a good chance that your little boy will want to transform into Dracula. Luckily, this disguise is easy to find (or to make). Another ideas is to create an own costume. Here’s an easy way to turn a shirt into an owl suit in a few hours. The feathers can be stuck to the shirt with a resistant adhesive or sewed by hand. If you have a sewing machine things can get even easier. To cut the feathers, you can use old shirts or clothes. So just cut some pieces and stick or sew them directly on the T-shirt. Isn’t that easy? Do not forget to draw inspiration from fantasy films. Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean) and Darth Vader should watch out! Moreover, if making the costumes yourself sounds like too much trouble, you can always buy them. On greathalloweencostume.com you can find a lot of good looking costumes, most of which are very cheap.

Simple tricks to replace costumes

If your little one does not like to dress up, opt for makeup. Prefer products specifically created for children that can be easily removed with a cleanser and moisturizer. For example, you can color your children’s face all white, draw their lips red and black, add white pointy teeth on either side of the mouth. And you got a vampire! If you want to make a witch disguise, instead of teeth, make some black or brown points that will act as warts and use orange or purple makeup on their eyelids.

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