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Daycare or babysitter – which option is better?

This is probably the most common asked question coming from parents faced with choosing the right way of raising a child. You should consider a few aspects before making a decision. At a first glance, while Google search “nanny agencies” you will find a large number of agencies such as Rock My Baby London Nanny Agency. Hiring a nanny via a specialised agency is the most common used alternatives of parents due to the easy process and the safety it provides. If you are unsure a babysitter is the right choice for you, here are a few aspects you should take into consideration before making a decision.

Daycare or babysitter - which option is better

A babysitter is more flexible than a daycare center

How flexible is your schedule? If you are considering taking your little one to a daycare, there is a chance of feeling under pressure to take your child to/from a certain location. Also, you should take into account the distance to the closest daycare and from there to your workplace. Managing to juggle with time can be difficult and there are options that are more reliable. Hiring a nanny is one of them and it is the easiest way to make sure your child is going to be on good hands. There are some aspects like the large number of children in a daycare, a certain schedule they have, a preset of activities your child is going to be involved in that make a large number of parents to hire a babysitter as the more reliable alternative.

By hiring a babysitter you won’t have to worry about a certain schedule, due to the fact that they are going to come to your home based on your timetable and that is a big “Yes!” when faced with extra working hours. Also, you will be able to bring your nanny on vacations or ask for her services in various situations.

Your child will be more secure with a nanny

When it comes to a daycare, you have to take into account that there will be a large number of children and only one person to look after them. Children are restless, this is going to be tiring for the teacher, and distributive attention is going to be a problem. Therefore, you will probably want your children to be the only concern of somebody that is taking care of them. Nanny agencies are a good way of finding a responsible, well-trained individual in order for you to have your peace of mind. In addition, you can specify the abilities you want your nanny to possess, based on the talents of your child and the educative expectations you have. That way, your little one will be able to develop skills like writing, reading and basic mathematics before even going to school. There is a good chance for your child to develop artistic skills if the babysitter is involving them in activities like crafts and painting. Knowing that you leave your child with a competent person is going to have a good impact on your state of mind.

Having these aspects in mind, doing some research before picking a specialised agency, discussing your requirements honestly are some of the key factors to pick and hire a perfect nanny.

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