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Educating children through creative games

Education should be the foundation of any individual. Helping your child understand what is right and what is wrong, offering him or her the chance to value personal skills and gifts, teaching him to communicate with others, these are all goals that education will fulfil. Education definitely is an on-going process. Man learns every day of his life. This leads to the following idea. The parents hold responsibility over their son or daughter’s education, so they have to make sure that only appropriate, helpful things are taught. A great way to help your child discover creativity and see whether or not he might have certain skills is by designing all sorts of decorations you will later on use in important events. Since Christmas is a time to be merry and joyful, a time at which the whole family comes together, creating your own tree decorations is a wonderful idea. All you need to do is order large and small Christmas ribbons and start creating. Here are a few suggestions of what you can design.

Educating children through creative games

Christmas trees made of ribbons

This is a very simple task that any child can easily master. Activities of this kind should be simple to fulfil, because the one thing that matters is discovering whether or not your child has an appetite for creativity. So, ask him to decorate a plastic cone with ribbons, making it look like a festive tree. The child can use different shades of green or combine colours, even use bows that have a merry pattern. Provide him with glue, a lot of bows and plastic small cones you will easily find in any home depot.

Making Christmas garlands

This is a task for older children. You need a metal or wood ring. It size depends on how large or small you want the garland to be. Start tying up those ribbons you ordered. Challenge your child to see whether or not he or she has a creative mind and ask not to place two ribbons of the same colour close to each other. This way, in the end, you will have a colourful garland and a proud son or daughter.

The simplest craft of all

This is another way of creating a Christmas tree, one you can actually hang as an ornament. The fun thing about it is that you only need to order ribbons, as the rest of elements can be easily found in the backyard. Ask your child to find a small straight twig of about 10-15 cm. Once this task is fulfilled, all you need to do to tie up the ribbons you ordered. You will see that the twig and the ribbons will make a great Christmas ornament, one you will be proud to hang in your tree.


Educating your kids through creative games and challenges can be a successful technique, helping your child to grow up in a complete, happy individual.

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