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Expert’s advice for UK families: play more golf!

Did you know that golf is a centuries-old sport which is popular not only in UK, but also worldwide? In fact, statistics show that Americans spend more than $600 million on golf equipment each year. However, if you ask why this sport is so appreciated, you should know that golf players claim that it has a lot of benefits for those who play it regularly. Here are some of these advantages, if you decide to play golf with your whole family.

Why experts recommend you taking your family to play golf

Understanding what a psychotherapist does

Invest in cheap golf membership and you will not regret. Golf is a good remedy for stress. It helps you clearing your mind and putting your thoughts in order. Believe it or not, there are many business people who decide to go and play golf, whenever they have to take an important decision for their company.


Moreover, experts say that golf can make you spend a few hours outdoors. Breathing some fresh air can be good not only for reducing stress, but also for helping you get rid of migraines. On the other hand, doctors say that playing golf is also a good way for improving your bone health. It is also recommended for those who want to get rid of some kilos. But you have to combine this activity with a healthy diet which includes fewer carbohydrates.

Tips and tricks for convincing your family to play more golf


The first important tip: take you family to a golf match. If they like it, you can ask them to go and play. It is true that if you have a large family it will be kind of difficult to convince all of your members to play golf, but at least some of them will want to accept your proposal.


Try to challenge them! Tell them that golf is a good way of spending time together, as a family, but it can also be a competition. You should play for fun first, but if you want, you can also think about buying some prizes for the winners.


Make them an interesting gift. Buy some golf equipment and ask them to join you on the golf court once. In case nobody seems interested in your proposal, try to join a golf club. There are many that you can find in UK. The membership fees are not so expensive and you can also find many interesting persons to socialise with.


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