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Garden Landscape Ideas

A lot of people are under the impression that gardening and landscaping are the same thing. Yes, sometimes landscaping incorporates gardening as it implies caring for the plants, knowing where to plant them and so on. However, above all, landscaping implies a thorough understatement of the fundamental concepts of design which it must combine with practicality. After all, no mater how good it looks, a garden is useless if you feel uncomfortable in it. Today, we will provide you with some useful garden landscape ideas which should set you on the right track on your way to remodeling your garden.

Front garden landscape ideas

The front yard is like a business card for your home. It shows whether or not you care for your home and it also talks about your personality and your style or lack of style. Generally, when designing a front garden landscape, you must create around the existing walkways. Here are a few nice ideas:

Design a proper entrance

Garden Landscape Ideas Picture Garden Landscape Ideas Picture If the alley that leads to the front entrance is very long, a neat idea is to plant trees alongside it. When the trees will grow, the alley will look as if it is canopied by them. If the alley is to narrow for trees, consider some bushes.

Flower garden

Garden Landscape Ideas Picture Garden Landscape Ideas Picture Flower gardens are another common idea for front yards. However, flower gardens require a lot of maintenance. Raised flower beds are also a good idea for the front yard as they can serve as the yard’s focal points. If you go for flowers, it is best if their colors complement the color of the house.

Low maintenance garden

Garden Landscape Ideas Picture Garden Landscape Ideas Picture If you don’t have time to care for a flower garden, opt for some low maintenance bushes and succulent plants. The lawn is also a good choice as it looks good without requiring any artistic ideas from your part. All you need is one of the 2015 best lawn mover units. If you don’t have a lawn mower and you don’t know anything about them, we advise you to read the 2015 best lawn mover reviews and choose a unit suitable for your yard and your budget.

Back yard garden ideas

If with the front yard, you must landscape around the alleys, in the backyard, the garden must complement the various relaxation areas that you have there. If you have a modern pool, you can’t really surround it with rustic garden elements. A good tip is to keep the center of the backyard free and landscape in the corners and the margins of the yard. Here are some creative ideas that can beautify your back garden:

Water features

Garden Landscape Ideas Picture Garden Landscape Ideas Picture Whether you go for a pond, a bird bath, a fountain or a stream, a water feature adds a touch of charm to any garden.


Garden Landscape Ideas Picture Garden Landscape Ideas Picture Gravel is a great element in any garden. It is cheap and easy to work with. You can use it in order to create walkways, but you can also use it as a decoration element, surrounding your flower beds with it or other focal points. If you want a zen space in your backyard, consider a Japanese gravel garden.

Vertical gardens

Garden Landscape Ideas Picture Garden Landscape Ideas Picture Whether or not you have a small garden, you mustn’t focus solely on the ground, but you must also explore your garden’s vertical spaces. Use crawling plants and flowers in order to make the most out of your garden space.

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