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Hacks to choose the perfect hat for your boyfriend

When it comes to finding the right gift for your boyfriend, you might find difficult to choose one, because there are so many options, and you do not know which one of them is the right one. The easiest option would be to offer as gift a clothing article, because no matter if you buy from an online store, or from your local mall, he would have the possibility to change it, thanks to the return policy. In case your boyfriend loves to wear hats, you should not think twice before starting to look for one as a gift, because he would never have too many. In case you do not know which one is perfect for him, you can take a look at the ones designed by brands like The Hundreds, because they have stylish models he would definitely love. Here are some hacks that would prove very useful in your search.

Hacks for organizing a man s wardrobe

Consider his face shape

When choosing a hat for a man, the most important aspect to consider is his face shape, because it determines which style of hat is suitable for him. The top-heavy face is wider at the top, and it is narrower as it comes down to the jaw. In case he has this type of face, you should buy him one that balances the overall face, and is not high on the crown, because it would highlight his head at the top. The long, thin face type is characteristic to slim men, and you are a lucky person if he has this type of face, because you can buy almost every model of hat you like. Only stay away from the articles that would make his face look longer that it is. Stay with the ones that have a wide brim and a shorter crown. Also, if he has an oval face you will have no troubles in deciding upon the hat, because his face is great for wearing this accessory.

Take a look at the types of hats from the market

When it comes to choosing the right hat as a present, you should know that there are many different models, and the best way to decide upon one is to take a look in his closet and see what he has. The majority of men choose to wear baseball caps, because they are easy to pair with casual clothes. Actually, this model is the most popular one in modern times, and the majority of young men wear it. It could be paired with thick-rimmed glasses, and even worn backwards. It is recommended to go with this model of hat, if you decide to offer a hat as a present. You also can find on the market a model that is called Panama hat, and many men prefer to wear it in the summer because it is lightweight. If your boyfriend likes to wear sports clothes like blazers and coats, you can opt for a snapback model, because it can be worn in many different ways.

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