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How Does a Water Ionizer Work?

Drinking water is one of our basic needs in order to survive, therefore the water that we drink and cook with must be of a high quality, and filtered of any harmful contaminants. The water ionizer is a costly home appliance which turns regular water to alkaline water through the process of electrolysis. On the waterionizer.reviews you can find more information on the differences between various water ionizers. However, at the core, they all work in a similar manner.

The alkaline water that results from the ionization process has many health benefits that make the water ionizer a very tempting appliance to have around, no matter how much it costs. Some of the most important health benefits of drinking alkaline water are the fact that it provides you with better hydration, it eliminates toxins from your body, it does wonders for your skin, and it prevents certain diseases from appearing, like cancer and diabetes for example.
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How the water ionizer works

This amazing appliance raises the pH level of the water through the process of electrolysis. It’s an electrochemical process that uses an electric current to split the water to form hydrogen and oxygen, the chemical reaction behind this process being 2 H2O(l) → 2 H2(g) + O2(g).

The water ionizer is connected to the kitchen water supply, performing the process of electrolysis on the water that comes from the tap in order to make it alkaline, and you can drink it, cook with it, and use it for cleaning.

In the unit, the water that comes from the tap is first filtered through activated charcoal, and it passes through the electrolysis chamber that is equipped with the platinum-coated titanium electrode afterwards. In that chamber, positive ions gather at the negative electrodes and create reduced water, while negatively charged ions gather at the positive electrodes to create oxidized water.

The reduced water and the oxidized water come out through different places, the reduced water coming out of the faucet, while the oxidized water comes out of a separate hose that leads into the sink.
It’s recommended to use the reduced water for drinking and cooking, and to use the oxidized water for cleaning, because it’s more acidic.

The reduced water produced by the water ionizer has a pH level of 8, it has a redox potential of -250 to -350 mV, and it contains a mass of electrons that can be donated to free radicals. The oxidized water that the unit produces has a low pH level of 4, the redox potential is between +700 to +800 mV, and it gains its ability to oxidize and sterilize due to its shortage of electrons.

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