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How to build a happy open-minded relationship


Having a relationship is sometimes like having a full time job. Sure, it does not have to imply a boss, stress, strict rules and schedules, but you have to make it work, make efforts and not take it for granted of course, when all these things come naturally. Many relationships or even marriages sometimes go through a difficult period, when the spark of the beginning seems to pale and you no longer seem to have anything in common with your partner. Long story short, things are not as romantic and sweet as they used to be at the beginning. And this may be the right time to rediscover yourself and your significant other and why not, try new things in order to spice up your relationship and bring it on the right track.


Being open minded could make your relationship stronger

Whether we like it or not, there is always the possibility, that one of the partners might be attracted to someone else. This does not indicate the lack of love and respect but it is a normal reaction that could not be controlled.  Going to parties for open-minded couples might be a good solution to meet new people and get to approach them. Also, going together shows a consensual agreement that denotes trust. Doing this with your significant other helps both of you build a stronger bound, by experimenting different things with different people, but at the same time being together in this. So there is nothing to hide, there are no lies and no secrets, and that is how trust, one of the most important things in a relationship appears. You could learn more about you and your partner, and it is not necessary to limit yourselves at the same genders. Being bi-curious, for example is common at these types of parties.

Be open with your partner, not just open-minded

Once you have decided to change things a little, it is very important to be always honest with each other .Tell your partner what you like and what you dislike, and always communicate with him when you feel uncomfortable. Even if you are in an open relationship, and you have the freedom to experiment and meet new people, there must be some rules that you and your partner should follow. The rules should be consensual and chosen by both of you, depending on what you want. A very important thing is that everything should be done with consensual agreement. After all, the idea is to save your relationship and making it more exciting, not ruin it.

The most important thing when you try an open relationship is to be aware of the fact that it is a different lifestyle, considered by others a taboo. Sure, it may not be as easy as it seems, especially if this is something new for you and your partner. This is why you have to take your time to think about it and discuss it freely with him. If you are decided to try it, take into account that you may not like it eventually, and this is ok. The important thing is to be comfortable and happy with the one you share your life with.

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