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How to Drink Less Alcohol While Dealing with Peer Pressure


It is almost universally accepted that when your friends are drinking alcohol, it is a rather tricky task to abstain yourself. Your friends can have the best intentions in the world, but if you happen to regularly find yourself in a situation where drinks are there on a silver platter, being able to abstain isn’t easy. If you are a young adult or a teenager however, this can count double as peer pressure could be extremely difficult to withstand.

How to Drink Less Alcohol While Dealing with Peer Pressure

As more and more people in the country reach a point where they need to check themselves into residential rehab centres, it’s never been more important to be proactive in terms of the amounts of alcohol you drink. Consuming alcohol is already getting completely out of hand across the United Kingdom due the incredible affordability and availability of it. Peer pressure alone is usually not enough to trigger detrimental drinking but could at the same time make staying in control extremely difficult.

So for anybody looking to reduce their alcohol consumption while coping with peer pressure, here is a short overview of several helpful tips:

  1. First up, if your plan is to spend the whole evening without drinking alcohol at all, the simplest way of making sure you stick to your intentions is by offering to be the driver of your group. This will not only mean that you can’t legally drink anything, but you will also not have to worry about your friends trying to convince you otherwise. In addition, you instantly become the most popular person at the party, given the fact that you are the one who will taxi your friends back home at the end of the night.
  2. Another great way of remaining in control and easing peer pressure is to ensure you have some specific plans for the morning after that will require you to in a pretty optimal state of body and mind. Perhaps you have a football game planned, a few sets of tennis or some early morning jogging or anything else at all. If it sounds like a decent excuse not to drink the night before, don’t hesitate and use it.
  3. Another guaranteed way of staying off the radar of your friends is to just stay away from them altogether. Not in the sense of ignoring them but more that the longer you hang around them doing nothing, the higher the likelihood they will get you a drink. Go for a dance, chat with people, talk to the DJ or just keep busy in general. Don’t look bored or your friends will quickly try to find the perfect solution.
  4. If you can find yourself a curfew for the party with any half-decent excuse you can think of is also a sure-fire way of making sure you can stay in control. It can be that you are having a job interview in the morning, a family visit or simply something quite important to work on. Select a time that will be suitable and make sure you stick to it.
  5. One of the best ways of ensuring you are not bought or offered drinks is to basically always have a drink in your hand that doesn’t seem to need any topping up. This means making sure you drink at a convenient to you pace, rather than convenient to your friends. It’s very likely that people will notice that you’re drinking more slowly, but sooner or later everybody around you will have drunk so much they will have no memory of your pace!
  6. Last up, it’s worth bearing in mind that the easiest way to not drink more than intended is to just reply “no, thanks” to any offers that will come your way. It’s quite possible you will meet lots of resistance and persuasion, but the more assertive you are with your refusal, the less likely it becomes you’ll be asked again. If your friends are true friends, they will get the message.



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