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How to introduce a babysitter to your kids

You might have considered difficult the process of finding a nanny for your children, because you have to be sure that she will provide them the needed education, and they will get along. But, actually the hardest step is to make the kids like the nanny, because they have to trust and respect her in order to listen to her, and consider her decisions. So, here, you will find a few tips to help you introduce the nanny to your children, because you might have chosen one of the best babysitters in London, but it is important children to find easy to communicate with her.

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Begin the separation before the nanny arrives

If you are the single person who has spent time with your little ones from their birth, then it might be difficult for them to stay with someone else. So, you should let them from time to time with your parents, and even ask a friend come over for a few hours, and spend time with them, when you go for shopping, for example. Also, make sure that you talk with your children about what nannies do, and that she will be part of their lives.

Introduce the nanny before she starts the work

You should not ask your nanny to come at your house exactly when you intend to return to your job. You should ask her to come with a few days before, and you can spend time together with the children. In this way, they will know each other better, and they will learn to respect and listen to her.

Tell the nanny about your children’s preferences

When you hire a babysitter, it is important to tell her what your kids’ strengths, vulnerabilities and preferences, because she needs to know then when she starts working with them. Also, it is important for her to know your values from the beginning, because this will enhance the relationship between her and your children.

Build a strong communication with the nanny

It is important to show your babysitter that you support her decisions, so you should communicate with her, to know if there are any issues. In addition, it is important to let her know about the education techniques you want her to use, and what activities you would like her to include in your children’s programme, because it is crucial to share these details from the beginning.

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