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How to Treat Erectile Dysfunctions

Every man experiences a certain time in his life the inability to initiate or maintain an erection. This phenomenon is described as erectile dysfunction. If the phenomenon occurs only occasionally (especially associated with tiredness, stress, alcohol) is classified as a transient sexual dysfunction and has a huge impact on quality of life of the individual, or their relationships.
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Causes of erectile dysfunctions

Erectile dysfunction has a much greater impact on man, on his confidence in himself, on the couple’s harmony and even on his health! Here are some of the most 6 common causes of erectile dysfunctions.

  • Cardiovascular diseases
    Atherosclerosis consists in the deposition of atheromatous plaques on the inside of vessels throughout the body, affecting both heart, brain, kidneys, eyes, potency, and so on. Smoking is the main risk factor for atherosclerosis.
  • Psychological causes
    Although they are much rarer than once thought, psychological causes require more time to be successfully treated. Anxiety felt toward a possible sexual failure, stress, depression, feelings of guilt, tensions that arise in social life or couple are some of the possible causes.
  • Endocrine diseases
    Endocrine diseases are responsible for 5% of erectile dysfunction. A low concentration of testosterone is manifested by a decrease in the desire to make love and a loss of erection.
  • Neurological diseases
    Stroke, spinal injuries can disrupt neurovascular circuits in the brain and penis. Also, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease can also cause erectile dysfunction.
  • Surgery
    Pelvic trauma and surgery related to neurovascular structures can easily contribue to an erectile dysfunction. Also, surgery scheduled for the treatment of cancer of the colon, rectum, bladder, prostate may subsequently result in impotence.
  • Diabetes
    It is characterized by the presence of higher concentrations of glucose in blood. Two out of three people with diabetes struggle with erectile dysfunction.


First you need to get a physical examination to rule out the possibility of any injury, side effects of certain medications or diseases and conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, kidney disease, alcoholism, or multiple sclerosis. Then, depending on your situation, you can choose one of these treatment methods:

  1. Surgery for erectile dysfunction is intended for:
    – implantation of a prosthesis to get an erection;
    – reconstruct arteries to increase blood flow to the penis (penile arterial reconstruction surgery);
    – blocking veins that decrease blood flow to the penis.
  2. Healthy lifestyle
    Quitting smoking, exercising, losing weight, limiting alcohol consumption, the hypertension and blood glucose control are not the only attributes of a healthy lifestyle;the erectile function is also improved. Studies show that men who change their lifestyle for the better have a higher rate of success of getting rid of impotence.
  3. Psychological therapy
    If erectile dysfunctions are linked with psychological causes, experts often recommend adopting behavioral techniques to lower the anxiety associated with intercourse. Such techniques include gradual development of intimacy and sexual stimulation; the contribution of your partner is also very important.
  4. Medication
    The medication prescribed to treat erectile dysfunction include active substances. These drugs can be delivered only on prescription and are prescribed according to age, overall health and other treatments the patient is taken.
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