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How to Treat Strep Throat With Home Remedies

Strep throat is a symptom of a disease that affects the pharynx or tonsils. This may be the result of an infection with a virus or a bacteria. Strep throat could be a condition in itself or one of the many manifestations of a disease. When the sore throat is due to a bacterial infection it can be treated with home remedies and usually no complications occur. Therefore, in this article we will give you a brief description on how to treat strep throat with home remedies.
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It is advisable to use a humidifier when a person feels his throat dry. Using the humidifier will keep a normal level of humidity, and this is an important issue, as internal heat and dry air can cause dry mucous membranes, which are a clean sign of dehydration.
It’s suitable to purchase a humidifier that will constantly clean the air in order to prevent mold formation, which can worsen symptoms and in some cases may lead to lung problems.


This spicy food stimulates the immune system, fights viruses and has antibacterial effects. As such, it may help the body heal from infections that cause strep throat, while destroying the germs that cause pain and irritation. The compound which has all these qualities is allicin that is released when raw garlic is cut, crushed or chewed.

Warm salty water

A great tip is to gargle with warm salty water when the inflammation occurs. This solution has a calming effect, kills bacteria in the throat and helps regulating blood flow which will carry cells that will fight against the infection in the throat.
Mix a teaspoon of salt in half a liter of water to prepare a solution that will be used for gargling. The mixture will be used once a day or as needed. Don’t forget that the water must have a suitable temperature.

Zinc tablets

It is recommended to administer zinc tablets for people who have mild sore throat accompanied by a runny nose. You can use a pill every two to four hours when needed. This way it will soothe the reddened tissue in the neck. In addition, zinc ions that “migrate” to the nose can stop the action that causes a cold virus.
You can use zinc gluconate tablets which are more easily tolerated by the stomach than other zinc tablets.

Herbal tea

You can drink herbal tea when pain persists all day. There are many varieties of plants that stimulate immunity: Echinacea, licorice, which is a herb with antibacterial and antiviral effect, marshmallow root that heals mucus formation and protects your throat. The plants mentioned can also be also used as a tincture.

These are just a few of the many ways in which you can safely treat strep throat at home. You can discover more remedies on www.strepthroatmd.com. However, if the home remedies don’t alleviate your symptoms in a couple of days, you should visit a doctor as soon as possible as you might be dealing with a more serious health condition.

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