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If You Love Fashion, You’ll Love Lularock- Here’s Why

Established with the concept of fashion, art and music coming together in harmony, Lularock is a multi-label boutique located in Singapore. Featuring renowned fashion pieces from all over the world, as well as placing focus on emerging labels, Lularock is the right source to approach when looking for fashion pieces that best suits your personality.

With a growing repertoire of designer labels like Alice McCall, Antipodium, Edit, Au Jour Le Jour, Sretsis, Vivetta collar, House of Holland, Manoush, Macgraw, Benoit Missolin, Opening Ceremony, O Thongthai, Cocurata, Vanessa Arizaga, Crystalline Jewellery, Karen Walker, Peter Jensen, Karla Spectic, Diana Broussard, Dude and the Duchess, Ryan Lo and Les Petits Joueurs and more, Lularock features a whole collection of designer trends each specialising in different aspects of fashion. Depending on what you wish to look for, including jewellery, shoes, skirts and other related fashion pieces, you can easily locate fashion pieces through the designer label on their ecommerce store online.

If You Love Fashion, You’ll Love Lularock- Here’s Why

Lularock fashion is easily accessible to everyone, even when you are abroad and in international waters. You are able to access their online ecommerce store and make purchases anytime even while on your mobile phone. Payment is straightforward and easy with different payment modes available. You can also choose to visit the store at their physical location and make a call to arrange for one on one assistance while you are there.

You will be able to locate Lularock and get a speedy response for your enquiries through online form submission, emailing, calling or even whatsapp, LINE and weChat. In addition, you can also take a look at how Lularock collections are worn and paired through social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook for inspiration.

Quality service, user experience and products are a guarantee in Lularock. The dedicated members of Lularock are highly passionate about fashion topics and products as well. Site users can sign up for an account and receive regular newsletters. In addition, you can also access valuable information like fashion tips and buy items related to customised looks from the information section known as ‘Lula edit’.  You can also keep up with Lularock sales and campaigns that can enable you to acquire long coveted fashion items at lowered prices.

Lularock is the newest and best solution for all your designer fashion needs. If you are willing to invest in high end designer label fashions and feel like you are walking through your personal runway in your daily life, then Lularock is where you should visit for the latest and greatest of fashion.

Break free from the notions of convention by going for the free spirit that Lula girls aspire. Experiment with bold, fun and fresh fashion looks. Find clothing pieces tailored to your perspective and personality at Lularock today!
Take a chance with Lularock and liberate yourself. Find your own inner free spirit and learn essential tips on how to mix and match your outfits in your wardrobe. Adorn yourself with delightful pieces that start conversations and turn the heads of all that you pass.



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