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Key facts about spray foam insulation       

Spray foam seems to be the most popular insulation material people use when they are looking for an effective insulation material. Nowadays people know that proper insulation represents the key to have a healthy and comfortable house. Insulation keeps the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and in this way, it helps owners with energy bills. People take into consideration using spray foam insulation when they try to prevent mould growth and they want to keep noise out. Recently the demand for spray foam insulation has increased and people want to know more about how it works and if it is effective or not.

Key facts about spray foam insulation

How SPF works?

SPF is a foam insulation that is manufactured from petrochemicals. It is a heat-activated polymer, which is sprayed into the designed place. It is a mix of two ingredients that are sprayed through a heated hose. After being sprayed, the foam hardens in place. When people insulate their homes with foam, they notice that outdoor air is not getting inside and the indoor air is kept there. Foam traps pockets of air and slows down air circulation. During the cold season, it acts like a vapour barrier, and it keeps moisture away from the house.

Types of spray foam

People can use two types of foam to insulate their houses. The light option is called open-cell and it is less dense. The other type is called closed-cell and it is more expensive then the first type. This one provides a rigid support for specific structures and it acts like a water vapor barrier. This second type is less permeable than the other one. Closed-cell is a more popular choice for attics and exterior walls because it is more resistant to mold growth and it creates an airtight and stronger house. Professionals say that closed-cell spray is more used because it proves to be more consistently. The closed-cell version has the foam cells more tightly and closed together, which makes the spray foam denser and more resistant to heat loss. This type of insulation is different from batt one because it does not leave open spaces in your walls. People should hire a professional when they want to insulate their houses with spray foam because it will offer them all these advantages only if it is proper installed. This professional has to be a certified one.

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