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Knee replacement surgery? Ask this before

A knee replacement surgery is needed when the patient has a severe knee damage and this procedure has the purpose to relieve the pain and allow the person to be more active. The patient should know that a knee replacement is the term used for the process of “resurfacing”, process which presupposes the replacement of the surface of the bone. But before heading to a doctor’s appointment here are some questions a patient should ask his orthopaedist about knee replacement surgery in Sydney.

knee replacement surgery ask this before

What does this procedure mean?

Knee replacement surgery is a surgical procedure during which the diseased surface of the bone is covered with plastic and metal parts. The plastic piece is used to cover the end of the tibia, which was previously removed, and the metal shell is used to cover the end of the femur bone, which was also previously removed.

What does this procedure require?

The procedure of knee replacement requires a period of staying in a hospital, which may vary depending of the patient condition. During the surgery the patient is under general anaesthesia, an intravenous line is started in his arm, he will have a urinary catheter inserted and after the procedure is made, a drain is placed in the incision site.

What happens after the procedure?

The patient is taken to a recovery room, where his condition is under observation. After his breathing, pulse and pressure are stable and the patient is conscious he is taken in a hospital room. He will be advised to start moving his new joint and a physiotherapist will decide together with the patient his exercise program meant to help him recover. Once going home from the hospital, the patient has to apply ice to the knee to reduce swelling, take pain relievers for soreness and announce his doctor if any of the following symptoms appears: fever, bleeding, increased pain on the incision.

What advantages does this procedure have?

If the patient decides to take this type of surgery then he must know that the benefits include a relief from staying up at nights because of the pain, no more deformity of the knee, gaining back his life before the pains caused by the symptoms of arthritis. He can go back to walking in park, shopping with his family, visiting relatives and friends or the pure pleasure of gardening.

Any patient should know the answers to these general questions before going on the operating table and if there are other missing pieces of information he should just ask his doctor.

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