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Learn about the history of ribbon

The word “ribbon” is generally used to describe a narrow piece of cloth, which sometimes has a lateral selvage. The stripes can be made of various materials, including satin, plain, velvet, organza and many others, depending on their use. Ages ago, people started to use ribbons as fashion accessories which often indicated the social status of the person wearing them. As years passed by, the fabric became more and more popular, being used not only to add beauty to different outfits, but also to personalize garments, presents, household items, season cards and so on. You can purchase the material from dedicated companies such as http://colour-ribbons.co.uk/, because they have a wide variety of products that are suitable for any occasion.

Learn about the history of ribbon

The evolution of ribbons

The modern term “ribbon” has developed from its ancient forms “ruban” or “riband”, used during the Teutonic times, which are somehow derived from the noun “band” (a narrow circular object). In the Neolithic period, people used small portable looms to weave striped of different fabrics, so the first records related to the existence of ribbons date back to 6000 B.C.E. Although initially, their purpose was mainly functional, ages later it seems that people started to use them for more flirtatious and decorative purposes. This is due to the fact that tailored clothing developed, especially during the he fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, and ribbons were used not only as accessories, but also to tie clothes together.


Making use of ribbons in fashion

As fashion started to be a field extremely interesting, especially for women belonging to the elite of the society, ribbons become even more popular. Besides the role they had in the past (trimming clothes together), they were also used as girdles to highline the waist and hair accessories (for hats, braids and many other styles). During the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, the fabric was actually an indispensable accessory of a fashionable dress. Even if it is believed that the popularity of ribbon started to increase due to London fashion, it was actually in France that the material reached its peak. Louis XIV turned ribbon into a fashion obsession, and Paris has been known for its fabulous ribbons ever since. During that period, the material was woven in horizontal looms, which were able to create even the most delicate and sophisticated fabrics. As trade bloomed, a new selection of ribbons appeared, including multiple materials, colours and prints, which was used, as same as today, in fashion or interior decoration.


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