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Make acne scars vanish for good


Taking into consideration that skin is a seamless organ, even one tear can make the difference in its appearance. While small scars can be concealed with the use of foundation, when they are bigger facial marks are not that easy to hide. The most common form of scarring is represented by acne scars. When acne penetrates the skin, it damages the skin tissue beneath it. Although the body tries to repair the damage, sometimes it is not able to produce enough collagen and this is when people resort to scar reduction therapy. Do you want to know what this treatment supposes?

Make acne scars vanish for good

Skin needling

During the healing process the body tries to produce collagen, the substance that ensures skin support. What typically happens is that the body produces either too little or too much collagen, thus leaving you with a mark. Skin needling is a type of therapy that implies the use of fine needles. The purpose of puncturing the skin is to create a small injury and to stimulate the body to produce collages and elastin to fill this microscopic wound. The result is an improvement in skin texture and firmness, but most importantly marks are significantly reduced.

Advancements in skin needling

The next evolution in skin needling is represented by e-Dermastamp. After an extensive time spent on perfecting the therapy, it is finally available to the public. The ingeniousness is represented by the fact that fewer needles are used on the tip, which results in greater perforation and lack of scratching. Basically the needle has dramatically changed; e-Dermastamp implies using micro-needles that effectively get to hard-to-reach places like the nose or the upper lip.

Compared to the needles on the Dermaroller roller, the needles on the e-Dermastamp have a vertical delivery. The needles can also penetrate isolated scar tissue. Nerve sensors pick up on the tissue intrusion and they send a signal to the cells near the so-called injury. The wound healing response thus occurs.

Results and side effects

The eDermastamp treatment ensures visible result. After the first few weeks, you will immediately notice a brighter complexion. However, visible signs of skin repair and rejuvenation will appear only after six weeks or so and the treatment needs to be continued for several months. In terms of side effects, you may feel a little discomfort although the treatment is more tolerable than a manual dermaroller. Also expect some redness.

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