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Metal detecting – how to do it like a pro

Metal detecting is a practice that has gained more and more popularity in the past years. However, if you are interested in treasure hunting, now is the perfect time for you to start this activity: there are plenty of performing metal detectors to choose from, the competition is not too fierce and there are still a lot of places unexplored. If you are lucky enough, you will be able to pay a small amount of money to purchase a device and your investment will be worth it once you find a valuable object such as a historic artefact or ancient coins. Here is what you should do to make sure you have a great experience as a treasure hunter:

Metal detecting - how to do it like a pro

Choose the most suitable metal detector

Although most detectors look similar, most of them have different features and serve distinct purposes. While some have intricate user’s guide, others are quite easy to handle. While some can distinguish between different types of metals, others have a lower degree of discrimination, and so on. Some detectors have been created for children and beginners, but others are only suitable to professional treasure hunters. All these variables need to be taken into consideration when choosing the product you are going to use. So keep in mind that you need to decide based on your level of experience and on what you are going to use the detector for. In order to select the most appropriate product, visit bounty-hunter-metal-detector.com and read about the most popular models available at the moment. Once you have the right metal device, try to understand its features and master all its functions. In addition to this, remember that perseverance and patience are also very important: no matter how performing your detector is, finding a valuable object is a matter of luck and time.

Get the right digging equipment

Once you have received the signal from your performing detector, make sure you also master the technique of digging. If you are in a park, for example, you cannot afford to sift freely and disturb a large portion of ground, so you need to have a special method and appropriate tools. Digging equipment is as important as a good detector, so try to choose it carefully. In order to stay out as little as possible, dig better and have a qualitative treasure hunting experience, leave the house prepared. Do not forget any element of your arsenal, because this may cost you the success of your expedition. Take your ground scoop, at least two shovels of different dimensions and some protection equipment for your knees and back. Resistant pants, knee pads, thick gloves will be very handy in case you find something and you need to start digging right away.

Know your lands

There are many places where you can start looking for metals. The most popular ones are areas with high foot traffic (train stations or public squares), relaxation places (parks or play grounds) and sports where it is difficult to find something you lose (like beaches, for instance). Historical sites are also a good idea in case you are looking for artefacts or precious materials.

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