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Mini-guide to buying ribbons

Ribbons represent the perfect touch to any arts and craft project, reason why they are used to a considerable extent. These pieces are without any doubt the favourite crafting accessory, so it is not surprising if you see that people still saving lengths of streamers from birthday celebrations and holidays. If you are new to ribbons, you probably do not know what things you should be looking for when making a purchase. Fortunately for you, this mini-guide explains what facts to consider when shopping at online stores such as http://theribbonroom.co.uk.

Mini-guide to buying ribbons

The difference between ribbons and bows

The fact is that there is a clear distinction between ribbons and bows. To avoid any confusions when going shopping, you should know that the term ribbon refers to a long piece of cloth that is typically used for decorating or gift wrapping. On the other hand, the bow refers to the actual decoration, namely the tied shape. This basically means that not all bows can be classified as ribbons.

Most common types of ribbon

One of the first steps in preparing for your craft is to pick what type you like. You have the possibility of choosing between many options. The most common types of ribbon are:

  • Grosgrain – grosgrain is the classic style or ribbon, being one of the most beloved options in the crafting industry. The reason for this is that grosgrain it is at the same time strong and flexible, being perfect for edging and trimming.
  • Organza – this is a sheer fabric with a plain weave that is perfect for making large size bows. You can use organza ribbon to embellish your evening outfit as well.
  • Satin – as the name suggests, satin ribbon is a flashy material that is suitable for home décor. It is available in dozens of colours, not to mention that the material is inexpensive.

Width and texture  

The amount of choice is pretty overwhelming when it comes to selecting ribbon. In order to find your ideal match, you have to pay close attention to width and texture. The size of the ribbon matters for your crafting project. If the size of the cloth is too bid, it will not fit properly. This is the reason why you should take the time to make measurements. With regards to the texture, it can have an impact on how your project will appear. For example, satin is very shiny, so it will look better than grosgrain which is dull looking.

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