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Playful Summer Hair Color Ideas

Summer is about light, colors, blooming flowers and warm sun rays on your skin and hair, so why not bring a part of summer’s joy and warmth into your look? Bold shades or soft highlights can bring a breeze of fresh air into your hair after winter, so dare to try on a playful summer hair color that will make you shine under the summer sun. Here are some of the trendiest hair color ideas for the summer that is about to begin.

Ombre style

Although this style was also famous last year, the ombre style could not be more summer-appropriate, given that it looks like the sun itself bleached your hair ends. If your hair is light brown, you can add it some light by dyeing your ends two tones lighter to make it look brighter.

Dark chocolate

Brunettes can still have fun this summer although they don’t want to change their hair color. The ombre style also looks great on darker hair, while some red or blue highlights will give you a playful aspect. Add some chocolate swirls to your dark hair ends to give dimension to your brunette hair
Playful Summer Hair Color Ideas Picture Playful Summer Hair Color Ideas Picture

Surface highlights

Getting a partial highlight on your hair instead of a full one will make you look more natural like you just came from the beach and not from the salon. Highlights on the surface of your hair will add it brightness and volume without making it look too bleached.
Playful Summer Hair Color Ideas Picture Playful Summer Hair Color Ideas Picture

Sun-inspired blondes

What shade could resemble summer more than a light or even a platinum blonde? If you are bold enough to try this change of look, make sure it is done by a professional who will achieve a perfect shade.
Playful Summer Hair Color Ideas Picture Playful Summer Hair Color Ideas Picture

Playful pastels

Pastel colors look great on any hair color and they are fun to try on, so play with the sweet tones of pink, blue, purple, turquoise or green on your hair. Dye your entire hair or choose only a few strains at the back of your hair or paint your ends in strong shades inspired from the looks of celebrities who love the pastel hair dyes.
Playful Summer Hair Color Ideas Picture Playful Summer Hair Color Ideas Picture

Summer sunset

Picture a wonderful summer sunset and then bring it to your hair by choosing a warm coppery shade. Remember that the red tones tend to fade faster than others, so have your color retouched between two hair dyes using a semi-permanent formula that would only add shine to your hair. If you love red hair, you can even mix it with ombre style or some light highlights to add it volume and texture.

Since summer can be quite rough on your hair, we advise you to be very careful with your hair styling routine during this season. The sun and various hair dyes can severely damage your hair, so avoid using too many hair products. If you insist on styling your hair, use a quality ceramic flat iron. Read some reviews on the top flat irons 2015 products and choose a high quality iron. If you have frizzy hair, choose a ionic flat iron.  When researching the top flat irons 2015, look for irons with adjustable temperature controls. If your hair is very fine, style it at a lower temperature.

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