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Plumbing myths that people should stop believing

Over the years, people have generated numerous myths about plumbing, but as it would be expected, many of them are not true. The moment you notice you have some plumbing issues, it is recommended to look on the internet for a professional plumber and one very good website to start your research is http://www.fiveoaxbathroomplumbingandheating.co.uk/. Here is a list of some of the most popular myths about plumbing.

Plumbing myths that people should stop believing

If things go down the drain, it means it still works!

Many people are on the opinion that if things do not get stuck the moment they go down the drain, it means the drain does not require to be paid any attention for the moment. Well, this could not have been any more wrong. You should know that blockages do not occur out of a sudden, because it takes time for waste to build up inside the pipes. It is recommended to have the pipes checked every once in a while in order to prevent unpleasant situations from occurring.

Lemons can freshen up the garbage disposal

Another popular myth about plumbing is that lemons can eliminate and freshen up your garbage disposal. Some part of this myth is true though, because lemons do have this particularity, to make it smell better, but this does not last for too long, not to mention the fact that the acid in lemons can actually damage the metal inside the garbage disposal.

Hot water is the best way to flush down grease

This is another common myth that people should stop believing. It is important to know that grease can stick to pipes and drains and even though you use boiling water for instance it is inefficient in removing grease. The moment hot water cools over it, grease actually hardens and in the end it creates a thick coating inside the pipe, which can be extremely difficult to get rid of and it can cause long-term issues. You should either wipe grease out of your pans, or dispose it in a jar that you could place in the garbage afterwards.

Flushable wipes are actually flushable

Well, there are some wipes that even though they are marketed to be easily and fast flushable, they are not! Some of them simply cannot break down fast enough in order to be flushed down the toilet and when this happens, they eventually block the system by snagging on pipes, thus causing some serious damage. It is advisable to use trash can for everything that is not human waste.

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