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Questions on French Carte Vitale everyone deserves answers to

The French healthcare system requires everyone who resides in France to have a Carte Vitale in order to benefit from health insurance. However, not everyone knows much about this service and many of them who decide to relocate to France due to their work or various other reasons spend several months without owning this card because they are misinformed or do not know where to look for information. Here are the most frequently asked questions you deserve some answers to.

HEALTH-MEDECINE-PILLS-FEATURE A picture taken on September 13, 2012 in Paris shows pills and medicines diplayed with a Vitale card and a stethoscope. AFP PHOTO / MIGUEL MEDINA

What exactly is Carte Vitale?

The most common question when it comes to assurance maladie 93 is obviously related to the meaning of Carte Vitale and how it can be used. This automated social security card contains personal information on an individual, such as personal contact details and the ones on the next of kin, the social security number, valuable medical insurance information and so on. Every French resident must apply for this card in order to have access to professional healthcare services.

Can I get a Carte Vitale if I reside abroad, yet I am a member of the French regime?

It may happen for you to leave your country and relocate in France for a specific period of time due to your work. This gives you credit to apply for Carte Vitale and take advantage of the French healthcare system. Keep in mind though that this card can only be used in France, so the moment you relocate to your home country, you will not be able to use it there.

Can the card be used abroad?

As it was earlier mentioned, this Carte Vitale is only valid within the territory of France. It is true that this social insured card attests the fact that you are affiliated and you have the right to benefit from French health insurance, but the moment you relocate or are expatriated to another country, you will not be affiliated to this system any longer.

Who can apply for Carte Vitale?

It is worth mentioning that everyone who has turned 16 years old is entitled to apply and request Carte Vitale. Foreigners who were offered a French social security number also have the right to apply for this card. Overall, France gives due importance to health and to providing its residents top quality healthcare services as long as they live here.

What do I have to do to get it?

First things first, in order to obtain this Carte Vitale, it is essential you are in France legally. It does not matter whether you have come here on a residency visa or not or if you are an EU citizen as long as you entered and reside in France legally. Employed people and those who are registered in various French schools are offered social security numbers and social security cards and they can request help from the employer or the school in case they encounter difficulties during the process of obtaining these two.

All things considered, these are some of the most common questions people ask when it comes to the French social security card that offers them many benefits related to the healthcare system.

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