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Spring 2015 Outfits

Casual outfits are more relevant than national and international outfits on catwalks, because we have the opportunity to create our own style through the outfit we choose. Those from the fashion shows follow certain lines, most often some of them are not even wearable outfits! Most often, designers present us with extravagant outfits suited for the podium which do not characterize us. Therefore, it’s better to”steal” some ideas and features from these fashion shows so that we create a chic but comfortable outfit for ourselves. In this article, we will show you the main fashion trends for Spring 2015 outfits that will inspire you.


Spring 2015 Outfits Picture Spring 2015 Outfits Picture
  • Denim in major fashion brands
    Regarding Spring 2015 outfits, denim is already one of the major trends this season, but for this Spring, all the major fashion brands seem to try their best to put their mark on this popular material. Burberry created a slim-fit jacket in Japanese denim and sueded shearling, while Kenzo opted for oversized jackets. Gucci and Stella McCartney, on the other hand, have designed their entire collection on this material.
  • Spring layered outfits
    This year it’s all about denim dresses, skirts and denim jackets. Do not be afraid of layering; designers apparently decided that, when it comes to denim, more is better. Imagine the following look: a short dress made from a fluid material, transparent black tights, a pair of knee-high boots, a denim shirt, an oversized sweater, smoky makeup and hair left loose. It’s the perfect look to use at a concert or Spring festival.
  • Chic denim skirts
    Until now denim pencil skirts were worn by most stylish fashionistas, but this season designers urge us to dare more. Long skirts with cargo pockets or in thin materials are a must. Whatever your style is, you will surely find a suitable denim skirt to make your outfit seem more chic.

Glam rock

Spring 2015 Outfits Picture Spring 2015 Outfits Picture
  • Glam rock style inspired from the ’70s
    Glam rock – are the two words that, even separately, have the ability to set fashionistas on fire. This Spring, however, they will put their mark on fashion, evoking the ’70s glam rock period.
    Saint Laurent and Tom Ford have created their collections for spring-summer 2015 keeping in mind the atmosphere of a concert, liberal decadence in the ’70s, but this decade hypnotic and left their mark on most notable collections of the next season.
  • Opt for a sexy glam rock outfit
    From short jackets in shiny material or high platforms, skinny jeans and scarves, fashion this year has a sexy, powerful and libertine vibe. A sexy strapless dress should be the basis of your outfit. Wear it with boots and a blazer, or with a faux fur vest and a pair of sandals with platforms.
  • Glam rock accessories
    A glamorous accessory is a must-have piece when trying to recreate the style glam-rock ’70s. Opt for big turbans, fur collars, statement belts or transparent silky tights in dark shades. A black leather jacket will give you a sexy look cool worn over a short dress with colorful graphic print and knee boots.

70’s fashion

Spring 2015 Outfits Picture Spring 2015 Outfits Picture
  • Runway trend
    70’s fashion trend stormed the fashion catwalks this season, taking us back into a period of struggle for freedom. Every trend needs an adjustment period, and next summer is under the sign of the ’70s style. Moreover, they are also taking over the male fashion, which is more stable and more resistant to change than the female fashion. And when this is happening, we know that this trend deserves our full attention.
  • Less is more
    When we say ’70s, most think of the hippy era, flared pants and floral dresses, but for this Spring 2015 outfits, we propose a more subtle approach of the decade, in all its forms – be it disco glam or hippy style. Jackets with retro lapels, different color combinations, denim flared trousers and long and fluid dresses are dominant figures of the season. However, these clothing pieces can overpower your outfit; therefore try to keep it simple.
  • Suede jackets are a must have this season
    Suede is present this season on everything from accessories, pants, skirts and even dresses. The black leather biker jackets are replaced by suede short jackets in warm colors.
    Speaking of jackets, models are more fitted on the body and the collar is embellished with retro or military details. Pants, on the other hand, are tight at the knee and flared at the ankle.

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