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Taking a glimpse into the life of a city tower crane operator


You absolutely love hand-on work, not to mention that you do not lose your temper when you are around heavy machinery. If you have not chosen your career, it is time you did. City tower crane operator is the perfect career for you. You will enjoy the power of the boom and the engine, not to mention that you will be surrounded by high quality people. The one thing you do not have to worry your head about is where to find city tower cranes for sale. The employer will provide you the heavy machinery. What you need to be thinking right now is operator training. Okay, okay, maybe you are on the fence about become a city tower crane operator. If this is the case, taking a look at the life of one may be useful. 

Taking a glimpse into the life of a city tower crane operator

Typical day in the life of city tower crane operator

Running a city tower crane is just like any other job. To be more precise, it requires attention and skill. No matter at what construction site you will working at, you will need to get up early in the morning. You will have to get to work before the sun is up, meaning at 5 a.m. Construction projects are managed under the constraint of time, so you cannot afford to show up late. Commuting is not out of the question, so if you have to travel long distances to get to the place of work, you will have to get up very, very early. On your way to work, pay attention to the weather because tower cranes are seriously affected by them.  

Operating a tower crane requires skill and, of course, professional equipment. Transportation will be your first task. What you have to do is get the city tower crane to the construction site. If you are not familiar with heavy machinery, then you do not know the dynamics or the signals. The best thing to do is slow things down and try to listen with both your ears. It will be difficult at first, but you will get used to it. You will be alone in the cabin, so the only way you will be able to communicate with your colleagues is by phone and radio.

There is not a single tower crane operator that does not face challenges. Risks are part of the job. Besides the weather, you have to worry about ground conditions. Yes, the ground can work against you. If you do not look out for hazards, you risk ruining the equipment and putting your life in danger.

Becoming a tower crane operator

If you are serious about becoming a tower crane operator, then sign up for training courses. As a rule, companies mostly provide training for on-site staff. But since you are not yet working on a construction site, you have to start from the bottom. To be more precise, get licensed. Another thing you can do is enter an apprenticeship program. It does not really matter what path you choose, as long as you acquire the necessary skills.

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