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The appropriate way to store sneakers         

No matter the cost of the pair of sneakers that you have purchased, in order to preserve the pair of shoes for a longer period of time it must be preserved accordingly. While many just through the pair of shoes in the closet and forgets all about them although they have spent a considerable amount of money on them, others are true collectors that even assign them their special place in the sneaker box. Given the fact that you will not be able to wear all the pairs at once, the others need some TLC too.

Leave the paper out

The appropriate way to store sneakers

The biggest concern with cardboard boxes is the fact that the paper that accompanies the shoes should be taken out if you want to preserve the shoes for a longer period of time. The main reason is the fact that the paper is acidic and causes the yellowing of the shoe. In addition to this, shoes should be stores at low temperatures and this is why the boxes should not be placed because that is the point to which the heat rises. Instead, it is better to use silica gel packets due to the fact that they remove the oxygen from around the shoe and prevents the yellowing process. The best option for conserving shoes is to place them in a plastic recipient.


Many people, men in particular, leave the shoes dirty in the box and do not bother to wash them after a game or getting off the dirt that has deposited on the shoe due to bad weather conditions such as rain. The fact is that all the dirt and residue that has formed on the shoe will only become harder to take and will ultimately damage the structure of the shoe. Moreover, in time the material has a tendency to shrink if the sneakers have not been worn for a long period of time. In order to prevent this, you should put in some plastic inserts and stuff the shoes to minimize the crease.

Plastic boxes

While it is true that cardboard boxes are inexpensive, they are not as reliable as plastic boxes. The main advantage is the fact that the shoes will be preserved for a longer period of time and you can even display them for others. The only thing to pay attention to is to not leave them in the sunlight can cause cracks and the fading of the color. Not to mention the fact that the container is perfectly sealed, thus protecting the shoes from humidity and that the design is attractive too.

To conclude, collector or not, your sneakers deserve special care to last for a longer period of time. The only thing to avoid when storing your shoes is not to leave them in the sunlight or in cardboard boxes.

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