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The best dog training tips no one told you before


Well, you finally have your little treasure home, but now a completely new journey being. We are talking about your dog and the entire process of training them into being not only beautiful dogs, but also good dogs. Even small children need a little discipline, and so does your canine companion. Everything starts with choosing the perfect dog training harnesses and continues with plenty of work and dedication. However, we have some rules for training your new friend that will certainly work.

The best dog training tips no one told you before

1. Establish a set of rules and stick to it

Before your companion’s arrival, make sure you establish what they can and cannot do in your home. For instance, will it have access to all the rooms of the house, or will they be staying only in certain rooms? Will you allow them to sleep with you in the bed, or will they be having their own beds? Make sure you consider all these aspects and establish some basic rules in order to have proper results in the training process. Stick to them regardless of your dog’s behaviour. Only this way will succeed to train them into being how you expect them to.

2. Help them to relax after coming home

Warm baths, a relaxing dog bed, a ticking clock near the area in which he will be sleeping are great. Amazing as it might sound, these all will help you to replicate the presence of his little brothers and sisters, and they will be feeling more comfortable. Also, they will not perceive the change so harsh and they are more likely to accommodate fairly quick.

3. Teach them to come when called

Call them on their name. Cheer when they come and pet them so they know you were talking about them. This behaviour will encourage them to always come when called and it will make the entire process of training them easier. Also, this way you will establish your status as an alpha in the pack and they are more likely to follow your indications when they need.

4. Good behaviour has to be rewarded

You could reinforce their good behaviour by rewarding them. They could receive tasty treats, a pat on their heads and some extra playtime. Praise them when they do something that makes you a proud pup parent. They will become aware that good behaviour is rewarded and they are very likely to respond how they should when expected.

5. Jumping around shouldn’t be encouraged

If your pup is expressing their enthusiasm by jumping around to greet you, make sure you ignore it and don’t encourage this behaviour. Turn your back on them when displaying such behaviour and avoid pats or any type of reinforcement.

Make sure you follow these simple rules as a start in the process of training your new companion. Make sure you invest in great training gear to have the best results possible.

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