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The Best Electric SnowBlowers

Electric snowblowers are powerful devices that are able to clear any type of snow from your sidewalks, decks, garden or driveway. When it comes to choosing an electric snowblower that will be both functional and helpful, you must take into consideration the following aspects.
The Best Electric SnowBlowers Picture The Best Electric SnowBlowers Picture

  • Design
    Most electric snowblowers have a similar design, an average 18-inch clearing path, and you can choose from battery operated models or electric snowblowers that require to be plug in.
  • Maneuverability
    The most important feature in an electric snowblower is the maneuverability. Opt for a lighter device, so it is easier for you to handle and operate.
  • Controls
    A similar feature in all electric snowblowers is easy handling of the controls. A manual rotation means that you will have to go to the front of your snowblower each time you need t change directions. A snowblower that allows you to discharge chute with a crank or lever is a great option.
  • Warranty
    In terms of warranty, many snowblowers are covered for a long period of time, but in general you’ll receive a two year warranty.

We have read a lot of reviews on the best snow blowers. If you want to do your own research, we advise you to visit a snow blower reviews website which is very thorough in analyzing the best snow blowers on the market. Nevertheless, if you don’t feel like spending countless hours reading reviews, consider one of the following units:

Green Works 26032 Snow Thrower

The Best Electric SnowBlowers Picture The Best Electric SnowBlowers Picture Green Works 26032 Snow thrower, currently at the price of $199.99 is one of the most popular snowblower device. It is a great machine that is able to handle snow up to 10 inches and to throw it up to 20 feet away or 30 feet away. This device is built out of metal and weights almost 32 lbs. Also, the durability of the steel blades is very impressive. The blades are covered with rubber to protect against any hard formation of ice. Moreover, the handle which is made of steel is also covered by rubber, to protect your hands and make all the experience more comfortable. A great feature of this snowblower consists in the built in circuit breaker which offers some protection against overloads or circuits.

Toro Power Curve 15-Amp Power Curve 1800

The Best Electric SnowBlowers Picture The Best Electric SnowBlowers Picture The 15-Amp Power Curve 1800, which costs $359.50 is a powerful electric snowblower, as it can throw 12 inch snow to an approximately 30 foot distance. Needless to say that Toro is the number 1 brand of electric snow thrower in the United States. The The 15-Amp Power Curve 1800 is considered to be one of the most powerful electric snowblower. It weights only 24 lbs and as a result, it is able to clean the snow more fast and more efficient than any other type of electric snowblower available on the market. Also, Toro Power Curve 1800 has 15 Amps for residential areas including sidewalks, patios, driveways, etc. Power Curve technology is capable to clean throughly and prevents clogging. The 160-degree adjustable chute allows excellent control of the snow blowing.

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