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The best wedding favours: recommendations from designers

This year, designers recommend us to be more creative when it comes to the decorations that we choose for our wedding. This includes even the wedding favours that are considered the symbol of gratitude which the groom and bride offer to their wedding guests. So, here they are some things that you have to notice when you choose your wedding favours.

The best wedding favours - recommendations from designers

Things to bear in mind when you look for wedding favours

The most important aspect is that you should take into consideration the fact that very popular lately are the personalised wedding favours. This means that you can order your favours after you choose a model which fits best with the rest of the decorations. And if you feel like you running out of ideas, maybe a good solution is to ask for the opinion of a wedding planner or to check a wedding magazine.

Another important idea is that you should make sure that you buy enough wedding favours, as to offer them to all of your guests. If you forget someone, you will make them feel bad. And if you don’t know exactly the number of your guests, ask them to confirm the invitation.

Top most popular personalised wedding favours this year

  • Funny pictures – Usually, bride and groom decide to rent a photo cab and invite their guests to take funny photos, by using some accessories, such as hats, funny glasses, balloons and more.
  • Personalised candles – are still popular, even if they are considered “classic” too.
  • Pocket books – if your friends love reading a good idea is to offer them packet books as favours. And decide the type of book, according to their preferences. There are some who love romantic novels, whereas, others, believe that SF books are the best.
  • Chocolate and candies – if you don’t have any idea what type of favour you should buy, a good option is chocolate. Everybody loves it. But make sure you put the sweets in personalised box. And if you feel like you cannot find anything suitable, ask someone to help you create the boxes by using handmade methods.
  • Cup holders – believe it or not these wedding favours have become more and more popular lately, due to the fact that people consider it useful.
  • Personalised napkins – they are also in top of personalised wedding favours, due to the fact that they can contain some interesting messages. For examples, there are couples who decide to personalise their wedding napkins with the lyrics of their love song.
  • Personalised t-shirts – everybody needs a t-shirt, so there is no wonder that this wedding favour is so popular. But be careful what type of message you choose for it. On the other hand, it is highly recommended not to print your picture on the t-shirts, because nobody wants to have such an item.




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