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The health benefits of playing 5 aside football

Football is a very popular sport throughout the world, but many people do not play it because they don’t have a group large enough to create the traditional 11 player teams. However, 5 aside football leagues London have become extremely popular in the past few years because they allow people to enjoy playing this sport in 5 player formations. While playing this sport is a lot of fun, it also has a lot of health benefits for those who play it:

The health benefits of playing 5 aside football

Improves your mood

Much like running, football is excellent for lifting your mood. Whenever you have had a bad day, there is nothing like a football match to relieve the tension. You will have the chance to channel your frustration to hitting that ball and scoring as many goals as possible. Furthermore, the actual effort creates endorphins in your body, which contribute to changing your mood considerably. Research has shown that playing this sport regularly with your friends has a significant impact on your overall mood.

Keeps you in a good shape

If you feel that you get tired too easily and you don’t have enough energy to do anything, this is exactly what you needed to build some stamina. While going to the gym may not seem so fun, you won’t even feel that you are exercising when playing 5 aside football, because you will just be spending time with your friends. Soon enough you will start to have more energy and you might even lose a few pounds, especially if you play football regularly.

Sleep better

Many people have problems sleeping these days because of the stress at work or what they eat and once you start playing 5-a-side football, you will see that you will also sleep much better. This sport improved blood flow to the brain, which in turn relaxes your muscles and allows you to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Even though at first you may have thought this sport was just for fun, if you play it with your friends just twice a week, you will see improvements in your sleep quality almost right away!

Overcome depression

Depression is the disease of the 21st century and many people suffer from this condition, regardless of their age. Even though those who are depressed may not feel like doing any sports, but studies have shown that by just making the effort to join a team and do sport once or twice a week, their depression can be eliminate successfully.

All in all, these are just a few health benefits that you will enjoy if you choose to play 5-a-side football together with your friends. You will have a lot more fun playing in a smaller group and you will always be in better spirits and sleep more afterwards, not to mention that you will have more energy to do other things that you love. This sport has both physical and mental benefits and it would be a shame not to take advantage of them if you enjoy this type of sport!