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The key to success for a feminine look

Fashion is maybe one of the most creative and dynamic fields. For this reason, while decades ago it was weird for a woman to wear pants, for instance, nowadays street fashion has been invaded by loose garments and boyfriend influences. Even if many women have adopted this style, because it is extremely comfortable and permissive, sometimes it is really nice to activate your feminine side and rock a lady-like, delicate look. Soft colours, miniskirts, romantic stockings or ruffled blouses – these are the elements that you definitely have in your wardrobe and will help you create feminine attire. All you have to do is be creative and search for inspiration from several fashion icons and bloggers, and you will definitely nail it. Here are some valuable suggestions that guarantee your success:

The key to success for a feminine look

Use bows and ribbons

These accessories are known to be extremely feminine from ancient ages, when women all around the world used them to adorn their attires. These fabrics are very easy to find around the house (you can recycle some old fabrics you have left from Christmas), but if you do not have any, then you should know that you can buy them from dedicated stores. In addition to this, ribbon is extremely versatile and can be used in dozens of ways. You can start by replacing your traditional hair ties with it (it is also way healthier for the hair) – your pony tail will look classier, or by using it instead of a belt. This will highlight your silhouette, allowing you to show off your curves without looking tacky or vulgar, but rather feminine and delicate.

Buy fitting clothes

This is an important trick most women ignore; thinking that larger clothes will hide their bodies and smaller ones will make them look thin. This is not true at all, which is why you have to always make sure that you choose the correct size. Try to find a balance as far as the “volume” of your clothes is concerned: if you wear a wavy skirt, combine it with a moulded blouse, while skinny jeans could work perfectly with a ruffled shirt. The ruffles will add a romantic ouch to the outfit, making it look girly and sophisticated. You can check for more ideas on thegoodlife-book.com

Always wear clean, ironed clothes

If your clothes are stained or have many wrinkles, you will look sloppy. In order to avoid this analyze your clothes in natural light before leaving the house. Some stains and discolorations may not be visible in artificial lighting. As far as the wrinkles go, buy one of the best steamers for clothes. These devices are more efficient than clothes irons, because they relax the fabric fibers, as opposed to the irons which simply flatten the wrinkles. The best steamers for clothes come in compact shapes, heat up very fast and can be used on any type of fabric.

Choose bright colours

Whether you are wearing polka dots, stripes or floral patterns, remember to choose bright colours such as pink, yellow, red and of course, white. Get rid of the misconceptions according to which these can only be worn during the warm season, because they will look nice any time. Combine this with delicate accessories, such as pearls, and you will get the best result.

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