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This is how you can make a custom ribbon

If you are looking for a unique way to acknowledge a special event or an achievement, then you will need a custom ribbon. Not only are personalized decorations a great way to embellish favours, invitations, bridal party gifts and much more, but they are original as well. Just consider that ribbon product suppliers provide you the opportunity to print your own name on the wedding favour or any other item and give it a personal touch. It is needless to say that your guests will be more than impressed with the result, and you can purchase printed ribbon wholesale. On the other hand, you can make your own custom bows because it is an extremely easy and fun project.

This is how you can make a custom ribbon

Handmade ribbon projects

One idea that you can put into practice is making labels for you children’s crocheted hats. The idea is simple: you have to take an appealing stamp and place it onto the ribbon-fabric to make a label. For this task you will need some grosgrain material, pre-inked rubber and an iron. Once you stamp the pre-inked stamp onto paper to get an even print. Place the bow on a hard surface and stamp your impression onto the grosgrain decoration. Leave it for a couple of minutes and press the iron on the decoration for about 15 seconds. Basically this is all you have to do, but you should not attempt to use satin material and make sure that the grosgrain is 100% polyester.

Quite printed ribbons

Printing on ribbon is something that even you can do since it is fairly simple. But pay attention to the fact that it can become addictive. You will need the following materials: an inkjet printer, a length of material and double-sided tape. Start with printing a copy of the words you want to appear on the decoration and after that cut the strip and tape the ends onto the printed paper. Ensure that the words are covered exactly and simply run the paper attached with the streamer through the printer. More importantly, let the material dry for about 20 minutes so that the ink will have time to set. Finally, enjoy your creation!

Gift wraps and giveaways

If you are one of those persons that really enjoy beautiful gift wraps, then you will love the following idea. The coolest thing that you can do is have a company design your ribbon. You can choose anything from an old story to some song lyrics, practically anything you like, and of course decide on the font and style. Once the decoration is printed, incorporate the custom piece onto gifts and giveaways. Your gift will definitely be a success and if you want to be considered the best friend ever, then you have to hire a company that does special designs and prints.

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