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Three ways of customizing your wedding bouquet with ribbon

When you are planning your wedding, the most important things you take into consideration are your dress, bouquet and how the wedding reception will look. You might have in mind an idea about how you want to create your bouquet, but you should wait until you buy your dress, because you have to be sure that they will look great together. If you want to design a unique bouquet you should take a look at the trends for this year, and you will notice that they are personalised with ribbon and pearls, so you should search for website from which to buy wedding ribbons. Here you will find three ideas that can help you customise your flower bouquet in a way that will amaze your guests.

Three ways of customizing your wedding bouquet with ribbon

The classic wrap

If you are a bride that likes classic things, you can use ribbon to wrap only the flower stems. In this way you give and elegant touch to your bouquet. In addition, you can use pearls to accessorise the ribbon. Depending on the colour of the flowers, you can choose from white, nude, peach, or pink ribbon. For example if you have a white flowers bouquet, you can wrap their stems in nude ribbon, and finish it with a little bow on the bottom of the stems. If you choose to combine two colours in your bouquet, you can wrap the flower stems in plaited ribbons, in the same shades of the flowers.

Flowing ribbon

An interesting way of customising your bouquet is to let the ribbon flow down from the flower stems. When choosing this option, you can choose white or nude ribbons, or you can go with a colour that matches the dresses of your bridesmaids. In addition, you have the possibility to wrap the stems in ribbon, and instead of letting it flow, you can create a big bow right at the bottom of the flowers.

Ribbon bouquet

If you want to keep your bouquet forever, you can choose ribbon instead of flowers. You can create your bouquet from ribbon flowers, in different colours. For example, you can choose white ribbons to design beautiful roses, and accessorise them with pearls. However, ribbon gives you the opportunity to combine colours and shapes, so you can go on a bold choice, create a bouquet made from white and coloured ribbon roses, and add some feathers on it. Ribbon is perfect to be used when you want to create a unique wedding bouquet.

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