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Tips and lifehacks on handling a big party at home

Even when they are organised at home, big parties are the most fun and memorable. They are the ones where the guests create memories, make new friends, experience new things and relax. However, for the host, things aren’t always that simple. On the contrary, planning an event for more than 20 people at home can become quite challenge, because the space is limited and they have to do a lot of cleaning afterwards. If you are in this situation, then use these tips to maximise productivity and avoid all the hassle of party planning.

Tips and lifehacks on handling a big party

Food catering is worth the money

Whether you’re throwing a housewarming party, a baby shower or just a weekend reunion with your old friends, you might want to consider food catering services over cooking your own food. The more people come, the more time you will need to prepare everything, from entrees to desert and by the time the guests arrive you’ll be so worried about how everything turned out that you won’t get a chance to relax. Instead of running around buying ingredients and cooking, contact a catering company instead and they will do everything for you!

Hygiene and cleaning

Hygiene is always a delicate topic at parties and, if you’re having dozens of people over at home, the bathroom is the most complicated aspect. On the one hand, one single bathroom is simply not enough for everyone and, on the other hand, it will get dirty fast and cleaning it will become a complete and utter headache. Toilet hire Leicestershire services are an excellent option, because you will have toilets for many guests and you don’t have to worry about cleaning either. What’s more, some companies also provide a luxury option for toilet hire, so you can rest assured that your guests benefit from the best facilities.

Keep it simple

When so many people attend the party, most homeowners feel tempted to go overboard and try too hard by using expensive decorations or ordering too much food and drinks. Instead, try to have fun yourself and set realistic goals. After all, you’re organising a party at home and people expect things to be casual. Keep things simple and don’t overspend on things that don’t make a difference. For example, you can use disposable cutlery and plates so you don’t have to wash everything afterwards and you can let the guests talk to each other instead of hiring entertainment services.


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