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Tips for furnishing a small room

When purchasing a house, there are certain characteristics you have in mind: being situated in a nice neighbourhood, having a great potential on the real estate market or being affordable. These are only some of the things most people take into consideration, but besides these, you probably want the property to be spacious and comfortable enough. However, the lack of space is a problem a lot of house owners are dealing with. Small rooms seem to be more difficult to decorate and furnish, not to mention that you will have to organize the place perfectly in order to get a storage possibility. In spite of these inconvenients, small rooms are cosier and will always seem more welcoming than large, empty spaces. You will not have to settle for miniature pieces of furniture only because you do not have enough space – just follow these simple tips and tricks, and your interior will look nicer and smarter:

Tips for furnishing a small room

Keep it simple

When choosing pieces of furniture for small rooms, remember that simplicity is the key to success. You will have to opt for sleek items, light colours and airy designs – these will all make the space seem larger and more open. Remember that the lines of your pieces of furniture need to be as simple as possible and try to avoid ornaments or baroque elements, because these will only make the space seem cluttered. Modern and contemporary furniture could be a perfect option, since these have neat designs, quite versatile and stylish. Fortunately, you will find plenty of manufacturers, such as F75.co.uk, on dedicated market, offering amazing items that can fit any interior, regardless its style and dimensions.


Create the illusion of space

Whether you are thinking about the bedroom, living room, kitchen or library, if you want to make the space seem larger, you need to create an illusion. Try to avoid closed and bulky pieces of furniture, because these will make the room seem stuffed. Instead, replace drawers with open cupboards, purchase chairs with slender designs, opt for a glass coffee table instead of one made of hard wood and install suspended open book cases. These, together with some large windows, strategically placed mirrors and soft tones, will contribute to the illusion of space you are craving about so much. Another important thing is to make sure furniture does not block any window, or the view from one part of the room to another – keep it airy.


Choose the skinniest pieces

Fir and trim furniture will be the perfect match for your small space. If you have a small living room, an inflated sofa, with fat rolled arms and a thick back, is something you need to avoid. Try to choose one with sleek arms, or even a day bed – extremely stylish, versatile and contemporary. For the rest of the pieces, pick slender designs, narrow (or even suspended) shelves. When it comes to the bedroom, gain space by reducing or even eliminating the headboard and purchasing multifunctional items.



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