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Tips to help your cat settle into a new house

Relocation might be difficult to handle not only for your family, but also for your pets. In case you are a cat owner, you might be surprised to see how hard it is to make your cat get used to your new home after relocation. In order to make moving a less stressful task and forget about packing all your family’s things, you can look for companies that provide removal services North London. This way you can rest assured that all your things are packed properly and transported to your new house without any incidents. As far as your cat is concerned, you can read below some useful tips to help it adjust to the new location.

Tips to help your cat settle into a new house

Present them the surroundings gradually

Even though it might be hard to believe, companion animals find it more difficult to handle the process of moving than the other two-legged family members. This happens because some of them, as it is the case of most cats, are quite attached to their surroundings and they need more time to adjust to a new house than humans do. In the first days, it might be better if you restrict your cat’s access to only one or two rooms in order to offer it the opportunity to feel safe and secure within a certain confined space. Place all of its things in the same room and give it time to get accustomed to the smells and sounds in the new house. The cat will tell you when it is ready to explore the rest of the house.

Spread things that smell familiar around the house

It is important to place all the things it was used to near it in order to help it get familiar with the new location much easier. Its favourite blanket, bed, or toys should be placed in the same room. You can even place some of your things too in the cat’s room to make the space seem more familiar and help it accommodate easier. Let the cat explore the house on its own. If you see the cat hiding under the bed for instance, do not try to pull it out, because this will not help at all. The moment the cat feels safe, it will come out.

Be careful if it goes outside

Experts recommend keeping your cat indoors for at least two weeks after moving to a new house before letting it go outdoors. The cat needs to accommodate with the house first and only then with the back yard and all the other surroundings of the house. When taking the cat outside for the first time, let it explore the surroundings, but do not stay more than 15 minutes outside. Increase the amount of time each day until the cat gets familiar with the area and feels safe.

Overall, these are only a few tips that you should bear in might when moving to a new house with your pets. However, it is worth mentioning that this might be different according to each pet, so the way in which it handles the relocation might vary.

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