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Tips to saving money on your gas bill

The gas bill can be overwhelming for many families, especially for those who do not take the necessary precautions. To this extent, if you feel that your boiler uses too much gas, the first thing you should do is to call a boiler service London company and have an engineer look at it. He will tell you if your boiler is functioning properly and may even offer you advice in terms of energy saving. If your gas engineer tells you that the boiler is perfectly functional, this is what you can do to lower your gas consumption:


Careful with the thermostat


You should keep the thermostat to the lowest comfortable temperature and always keep it in the room where you spend most time in. The thermostat is the one that determine how long your boiler stays on and how much gas it uses, so by forgetting it in a colder room or in a place where a window is opened, you will only use more gas, by forcing your boiler to function continuously. Experts say that by keeping your thermostat with only 1 degree lower, you will save over £50 pounds every month. This does not mean that you should freeze to death in your home just to save gas, but you don’t need to exaggerate with the heat either.


Careful with the ventilation

So much heat is lost because of faulty ventilation and draughts. You should always insulate your home properly before the start of the cold season. This is how you will prevent the cold air from entering your home and the warm one escaping around the windows and doors.


Time your heating

If you do not stay at home all day, you should not leave your heat on either. Many boilers can be programmed to shut down between certain hours and automatically start afterwards. So if you are not home between 8am and 6pm, program you boiler to start automatically at 5:30pm. It will give it plenty of time to warm the air before your arrival from work and you will save a lot of gas in the process. So many people waste a lot of gas because they leave their thermostats on while there are away.


Regular servicing

Even if your boiler is not broken, you should still have a boiler services specialist from London look at it regularly, because it may need some adjustment in terms of air gas mixture. This will help your boiler increase its efficiency and add up to fewer costs at the end of the month.


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