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Topics you should discuss with your freshman student child

When your children are freshman students you have to be prepared to discuss with them different topics for helping them understand better the period they are passing though, and how they should deal with certain situations. Sometimes parents choose to offer their children advice before leaving home, but there are cases when you have to talk with them while being at the college, because you might not imagine that some situations might come. Therefore, it is important to have a bond with your children, because in this way they will know that they have someone to talk with when they will experience different problems while being on college. But while being home, you have to discuss the topic which has in view student accommodation London Universities, because you have to be sure that they feel comfortable in the place you are choosing.

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Accommodation type

You are an experienced person, and you know what it is like to stay in a rented place during college, so you can share it with your children. Now is exactly the moment of telling them everything about roommates, dates, parties and exams. There are different types of accommodations and you should tell them about every one of them advantages and disadvantages. As you already know, the accommodation is very important and when leaving to college they have the possibility to rent a flat, or to stay in one of the student accommodations. You already know that it is better for them, to stay in a place especially designed for students, because in this way people, who have the same interests as they do, and who can help them deal with the accommodation period, will surround them. Sometimes students state, that they would prefer to live by their own, so you have the possibility to rent them a place where they will have their own room, but which is part from a complex where other students are living.


The behaviour is one of the most important aspects parents should discuss about with their children, both before and during college. Because they are young, the entire process of becoming independent might overwhelm them, and they might be tempted to act in a different way, than they normally do. In this situation, you should talk with them and tell them that it is important for them to remain true to who they are, if they want to be able to make new friends. Also, when staying in a student accommodation, they will have to communicate with a lot of people, and they have to be able to understand that different people act in different ways, because they have different personalities. Their behaviour will affect the way they are seen by other people, and the first impression is very important for students so they should try to show the others their qualities. Talk with your children these topics and they will meet no problems in their first year of college.

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