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Victorian Interior Design Ideas

The Victorian style is often defined as opulent and luxurious. It is characterized by sumptuous furniture and the use of many ornamental decoration. There are some details that make this style so special and unique. It is distinguished by a rich color palette : dark shades, pastels, neutrals. The rich textures are also very present in the Victorian interior. If you are trying to learn about Victorian interior design ideas get inspired from these ideas.
Victorian Interior Design Ideas Picture Victorian Interior Design Ideas Picture


The Victorian era started in England and was the period between 1837 and 1901, during the reign of Queen Victoria. People loved the Victorian era because it was a peaceful time, but also full of innovation fueled by the industrial revolution.
Many people view the Victorian era as a very positive period of time. Victorian architecture is very grand and impressive. The interior design was very complicated, many people consider it to be too overwhelming.  However, over time Victorian style has changed, and it has become more accessible and more easy to use for interior design.


The furniture has a central role in the Victorian decor. It is luxurious and has various ornamental features. You can find decorative items and accessories at antique stores. The antique collections are also quite recurrent in Victorian decor. Exotic materials and wooden works are typical for this style. Today it is possible to find objects of this style at not very high prices. Velvet and leather are some of the elements often found in Victorian furniture. The pieces of furniture are made of wood and are most frequently in the color of mahogany. The tapestry is usually floral. Flooring generally consists of dark wood and floral carpets. When it comes to Victorian interior design ideas, a defining element is the fireplace with metallic features.


When Victorian style was in full glory it believed that the use of rich colors and strong will enhance the look of a room. The color palette is based on dark shades, from dark green to ruby red or mahogany color, or dark blue with gold accents.
Regarding Victorian interior design ideas, the main rooms are in rich colors – red, green, bright yellow. Contrasting colors are used to create a dramatic visual effect. The walls are often decorated with intricate designs, representing floral motifs. On the other hand, the hallways are in neutral colors or represented by various shades of gray.
The well-colored accents to create a dramatic visual effect. The animal drawings or floral prints are not lacking from Victorian interiors design ideas.


Victorian style is a style that appeared in Britain in the nineteenth century. At its base are strong colors, luxury and glamour. Usually Victorian interiors are crowded with furniture and rich fabrics and luxurious decorations.
Victorian houses are characterized by generous dimensions, a wide range of ornaments, large windows and facades.
Among the objects of decoration you can meet: paintings, carpets, silk curtains, wallpaper, decorative objects covered with gold or silver. Textiles that characterize this style are sumptuous and luxurious velvet type and Damascus. A great tip with reference to Victorian interior design ideas is to use bright colors and bold prints.

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