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Ways of using decorative ribbons

In the category of accessories which never go out of fashion, you can definitely include ribbons. There are various ways of using them, starting with decorations and ending creating other accessories. Ribbons are also used as symbols, being worn especially by those persons who want to draw attention to a certain cause, such as the large number of people who suffer from breast cancer. In the majority of cases pink or red are the colours which are chosen for symbolising something.

Ways of using decorative ribbons

But, usually, people prefer using a decorative ribbon in their DIY projects. There are many online shops that offer wholesale ribbons. But let’s suppose that you decide to invest in a large quantity. How can you use all of them? Here are some good tips.


A jewellery hanger out

Are you one of those women who lover jewelleries, but you cannot find enough space for depositing them? Why do not you try to create a jewellery hanger out, by using ribbons and a chess board? It sounds complicated, but it is not. The only thing you have to do is to paint the board in a nice colour that matches with the rest of the furniture and then add some nails as a support for your jewelleries. You can put there all of your earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

A ribbon memory board

Do you feel like you are always forgetting important things like paying the rent? Well, a memory board made of ribbons can prove extremely useful. You need to use the door of one of your kitchen cupboards and decorate it with small pieces of ribbons. Then, you can put there post notes and check them every time you get into the kitchen.

A fancy agenda

If you are tired of your regular notebook and you want something different this year, try to make it look more original by adding a ribbon bookmark. It also proves useful because it can help you put a mark on the important pages such as were you have written you doctor’s phone number. Experts say that it is also a time-saving solution.

A ribbons chandelier or a dream catcher made of ribbons

Both ideas are interesting and easy to make, if you look for some tutorials, as a source of inspiration. Moreover, they can also prove some low budget alternatives. There are people who use ribbons for decorating their lamps too, by making them interesting.

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